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Sicilian Saints
Saints of Sicily
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Saints of Sicily Rosalia and Lucy




Saints of Sicily #D194

Saint Rosalia and Saint Lucy

Come with Bob and Penny to Sicily, to share in the lives of two powerful Saints of Sicily, Santa Rosalia, patron Saint of Palermo, and the famed Santa Lucia, patron Saint of eyes and Breasts, and also Patron Saint of Siracusa Sicily.

Go with Bob and Penny to the top of Monte Pellegrino, where Saint Rosalia lived her final days, and where she appeared to a hunter and saved the city of Palermo from the Plague.

Scenes of Sicily

Come to Venice and Siracusa, where the story of the life of Saint Lucy unfolds.

Listen to Bob and Penny's eyewitness testimony about the day the body of Saint Lucy was stolen from the Church in Venice, and then returned.

 The life of both Saints is fascinating. See the celebrations which take place each year in honor of the Saints.

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Saint Agatha Patron of Catania

Journey with Bob and Penny Lord as they go to Sicily and explore the life story of this early Church Martyr.

Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of Catania.

She had protected the city from earthquakes and especially volcanos since the 4th century.

Visit the Churches in her honor,
Church of alla Fornace where she was burned,
Church of al Carcere, where she was placed in prison
and the Cathedral which holds her reliquary
her miraculous veil that stopped the volcanic lava from destroying Catania.

Scenes of the volcanos at Mt. Etna and the annual festival of Sant' Agata held in Catania.

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Our Lady of Tears
 Siracusa, Sicily


Journey with Bob and Penny to Siracusa, Sicily and the remarkable
Shrine of Our Lady of Tears.

View the Miraculous plaster plaque which was given as a
wedding gift to a young couple.

See actual footage of the statue weeping during August 1953.

See the Reliquary which contains the Tears of Mary.

See the crowds who gathered around the house during the Miraculous event.

See the scientific investigation held during this period.

See the magnificent Shrine built in honor of the Miracle.
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1. Santa Rosalia and Santa Lucia
2. Saint Agatha
3. Our Lady of Tears

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