Bob and Penny Lord, renowned Catholic authors and hosts on EWTN Global Catholic Television, discovered the

Roman Catholic Saints

 were devoted to the Holy Eucharist, Mother Mary and to other facets of our Faith.

Bob and Penny Lord left us a legacy of books and videos on:

Miracles of the Eucharist

The lives of the Roman Catholic Saints

The Super Saints

Marian Apparitions

Miracles of the Cross

Heavenly Army of Angels

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Journeys of FaithR  
Bob and Penny Lord's Ministry

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Roman Catholic Saints,
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Catholic Miracles,
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Bob and Penny Lord  are still
working for the Lord in heaven
Click here for Tribute to Bob

Bob & Penny Lord's
Journeys of Faith Ministry

Family, Bob & Penny prayerfully planned for the Ministry to continue,
knowing that our time on earth is done in "the blink of an eye."
So we present to you, the five entrusted by Bob and Penny to continue the Journey.

Brother Joseph, Blanca, Luz Elena, Andrea & Rob

We thank you in advance for your continued prayers & support.
We ask Our Lord & Our Lady, the Angels and the Saints
to bless Journeys of Faith for years to come.

We Love You!


Family, Pope Benedict XVI has pleaded with us to do whatever we can to insure that the Christian Culture not disappear.
He is asking us to spread the Christian Culture in our case, the Catholic Culture far and wide.
This being the season of giving, is a perfect opportunity to follow the mandate the Pope is giving us.
As a part of this, he has asked us, the Mystical Body of Christ,  these last two years, to get to know the Saints.  The Catholic Saints are our ancestors, our brothers and sisters who have gone before us, and have passed the test of time.
The Catholic Saints are Role Models.  We have received many requests from non-Catholic Christians for books and videos on the Saints because they are much-needed Role Models for their children.  Their comments were Thank God for real role models.  Our children have no role models, other than what comes out of MTV and Hollywood.
We have been able to do what we do because of your support.  The way for us to continue bringing you Role Models, the Saints, is by giving our books and videos for Christmas.  In order for us to continue to add to the long roster of Saints and Apparitions of Our Lady, and Miracles of the Eucharist, we need you to evangelize with us by giving our books and DVDs to your friends and family for Christmas.
We have tried to give you some specials in the form of discounts and free books for this season.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.  Listen to our Pope and spread the Christian Culture. 
Together, we can change the world.  We love you
Bob and Penny

Super SaintsR

Super Saints Trilogy books and dvds
Bob and Penny Lord have been dubbed, 
"Experts on the Roman Catholic Saints!"

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Bob and Penny Lord have been dubbed
 "Experts on the Roman 
Catholic Saints"


Bob and Penny's


Journey and the Dream




      Roman Catholic Saints

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