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The Life of a Saint in our time - Bl Dina Belanger

Blessed Dina Belanger DVDDina Bélanger was born in Sillery, Québec, Canada on April 30, 1897. There are those who believe that there was a connection between the little Saint and the Little Flower of Lisieux, Saint Thérèse, because Dina was born exactly five months before Saint Thérèse died. Also, during Dina’s time in the convent, she was given the Little Flower as a protectress by Our Lord Jesus. There are also many other similarities between the two Saints, which we will see as we go on with the life of Dina.

The church where she was baptized was not the church where the well-to-do people of the town worshiped. To the contrary, Saint Roch’s was in the working man’s section. She was born at ten before nine in the morning and baptized in the afternoon of the same day. She was named Marie (after our Lady), Dina (after her father’s mother), Marguerite (after Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque). Dina wrote of that time in her life, as she was given to see it in her heart:

"It seems to me that, in the earliest moments of my life, God wrapped the protective cloak of the Blessed Virgin around me; my eyes first saw light on the eve of the month of Mary, a Friday, and that very evening the grace of Holy Baptism drove the devil out of my soul to let the Divine Spirit reign as its master."

Her father, Octave Bélanger, and mother, Séraphia Matte, were very spiritual people. They gave this child of God the solid Christian formation that she needed to open herself to the working of God in her life. Everything centered around their Faith, their morals, and their Christian behavior. Dina’s mother Séraphia talked about her dreams for her child even before she was born:



V98 - Blessed Dina Bélanger DVD

Go North to Canada and uncover the life of a modern day Mystic.
Trace her life from her days as a concert pianist to her life as a Sister in Sillery, Québec.
Listen to the beautiful music that she wrote as Bob and Penny take you through the events of her life.
Special scenes in the Convent in Sillery, Bellechasse, Québec and her beatification in Rome.

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