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Many of you have asked us for an Book of the Month Club. 
Here is your opportunity to accumulate your private collection of our books. 

DVD of the Month Club

Here are the details:
You will receive one dvd per month on the day of your activation.
The cost to you will be $16 dollars each month
That cost includes shipping and handling
We prefer to use a Paypal subscription payment

Our dvds are priced from $19.95
plus 5 dollars for shipping and handling
so $16 including shipping is a good deal

Look over the list of dvds we suggest
Here are the suggested DVDs for first 12 months:

1. Miracles of the Eucharist
2. Saint Padre Pio
3. Saint Therese of Lisieux
4. Saint Francis of Assisi
5. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
6. Miracles of the Cross of Italy
7. Saint Maximilian Kolbe
8. Our Lady of Lourdes
9. Saint Teresa of Avila
10. Miracles of the Child Jesus - Infant of Prague
11. Saint Rita of Cascia
12. Origin of the True Cross

And if you want to substitute any of Bob and Penny's other dvds
click this link 
and browse our list of dvds 

Then send an email to Blanca
and send her your changes

Ready to join our DVD of the Month Club? 
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