Saint Agatha of Catania

Saint Agatha dvdSaint Agatha, is a famous saint of this area, proclaimed the patron saint of Catania.

The story of her life and martyrdom has been passed down through the centuries, through one occupation after the other, just as the Faith has survived, from one generation to the next, her story on the lips of the natives of this city.

Her short life ended cruelly in 251.

She is one of the most well-documented Martyrs in the history of the Church, despite the persecution by Diocletian, the Arab invasion, and the suppression of the Christian faith in Sicily.

She and Saint Lucy, another Sicilian Saint and Martyr are on the Martyrology calendar.

And if you consider the Renaissance period, with all the influences of secularism, it’s a miracle that the people were able to maintain their faith and devotion to the little heroic virgin and martyr.

Saint Agatha’s story is very simple; she loved Our Lord Jesus with all her heart and all her life, and was willing to give up her life for that love. Her love for Jesus began at a very early age. She could very well have been accused of loving Jesus more than any one or anything on earth, to which she would have been found guilty.

This would ultimately cause the little teen-ager a major problem with one of the officials of the city whose ardor suppressed any sense of decency he might have possessed. He insisted she should love him above anyone, and be demonstrative in her love for him, in such a way that she would prove to him that he was more important than this Christian God whom she embraced.

One of the most popular, and well-documented miracles took place a year to the day after she died. Mt. Etna, which has spewed volcanic lava and ash since before the time of Saint Agatha, exploded with a fury on the feast day of her death. Lava violently erupted from the mouth of the volcano, and cascaded down the mountainside, destroying everything in its path. It was heading wildly for Catania. The people of the town took the veil of St. Agatha, held it up in the air, and prayed for the intercession of the Saint.

Immediately, the flow of the volcano changed course, encircling the outer extremity of the town, without touching any of the people or buildings. From there, it rushed toward the sea, into which it spilled its threatening lava. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered to the little Saint who had protected the town and its inhabitants from yet another evil force. From that time on, her miraculous veil, 12 feet long, was exposed every time lava threatened Catania or any of the nearby cities. She has been named patron Saint of the city of Catania in Sicily.

The people of Catania have always celebrated the Feast of St. Agatha, which falls on February 5, but over the centuries, the celebration has become bigger and bigger until today, it is a three day celebration, beginning February 3, and continuing on until February 5th, where it culminates with a solemn Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Catania.


This period of jubilation reminds us of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in that it is attended by millions of people, who are so well behaved. Family, Saint Agatha of Catania is a powerful intercessor.


She is a young girl. She understands the plight many of our young people are suffering today. Reach out to her. She will help

Saint Agatha Patron of Catania

Journey with Bob and Penny Lord as they go to Sicily and explore the life story of this early Church Martyr.

Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of Catania.

She had protected the city from earthquakes and especially volcanos since the 4th century.

Visit the Churches in her honor,
the Church of alla Fornace where she was burned,
the Church of al Carcere, where she was placed in prison
and the Cathedral which holds her reliquary
and her miraculous veil that stopped the volcanic lava from destroying Catania.

Scenes of the volcanos at Mt. Etna and the annual festival of Sant' Agata held in Catania.

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