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People were drawn to Saint Anthony of Padua. He was widely known as a miracle-worker. Like those before him, and after him, whom God chooses to bring hope into the world through miracles and healings, St. Anthony always pointed away from himself, to the Lord. It was He Who healed, Who went out of His Way to bring about Miracle, so they would know He was with them, to the end of the world, and they need not be afraid. Anthony looked upon himself, as only a worthless pipeline for the Lord to flow through. St. Anthony performed miracles during his lifetime, or better, he obtained, through his prayer and penances, Miracles from the Lord.

St. Anthony of Padua was a priest! And through his faithful yes to that priesthood, Miracles came about. A typical day in his life, would read much like that of one of our own faithful priests, in our own parishes, only multiplied a hundredfold. Hearing of him, many came in need, and he was available to that need. Between preaching, teaching and hearing confessions, the sun set on many a day, leaving him without having had an opportunity to eat. I think many a priest today, maybe your priest, would love to have that kind of pain.

Even in his day, St. Anthony’s type of Christianity was not easy. Some of his fellow priests considered him unbending and stern; still, the faithful came in droves, for him to hear their confessions. The hours he spent in the confessional, thoroughly poured out and exhausted to the point of dropping, were enough to have taken his life at 36years old. Imagine carrying all those sins upon himself, as he took the place of Jesus, in the confessional. Maybe, the most moving quality, penitents saw in Anthony, was the compassion behind his unrelinquishing, uncompromising living out of the Gospel. With this, he could touch even the most stubborn. Maybe, as we pray for our lost loved-ones, we should try praying for St. Anthony’s intercession.

Many miracles came to pass in the confessional. One day, Saint Anthony of Padua was reading a list of sins, written on a piece of paper, by a penitent. To the sinner’s amazement, as the Saint read, the sins disappeared from the page.

And then there was the time, a young man confessed, among other sins, he’d kicked his mother so violently, she fell to the floor. St. Anthony, strongly detesting the outrage, burst out passionately,

“The foot that kicks the father or the mother should be cut off.”

The young man, not understanding the meaning of his words, returned home, took a hatchet and chopped off his foot. People have always delighted in bad news. Results of the severe punishment meted out, supposedly by Anthony, quickly spread throughout the city. It soon reached the ears of the hero turned monster, Anthony. He followed the youth’s grieving parents to their house. He made his way to the young man’s bedroom. He prayed, holding the severed foot close to the leg of the misguided, but repentant son. St. Anthony made the sign of the cross, and instantly the foot became attached to the leg. The young man jumped up, giving praise to the Lord and thanksgiving to Anthony, who had healed his leg in this truly miraculous way.

St Anthony was a peace-maker. He was highly esteemed, not only within the Church but without, among civil authorities, as a mediator of peace. They called on him often, to bring about reconciliation. So, it was no wonder that families turned to him, confidently, to resolve their differences and bring harmony back into their lives. One day, a woman was accused of infidelity by her husband, their newborn was not his. He wanted to leave her. She turned to Anthony for help. He came and placed his hands on the couple’s baby. The infant testified to the innocence of its mother, pointing to the husband as its father.

Saint Anthony of Padua Miracle of the Miser

Another miracle, chronicled by Art over the centuries, is the Miracle of the miser. St. Anthony spoke out strongly against the “tyrannical bondage” of money. He never said having money was wrong, but having money own you was. Then, as now, money

owned people in many ways; if you were not careful, you could not tell victim from victimizer. Times have never been easy. They certainly were not easy in Anthony’s time. People worked very hard for very little. Most people depended on farming, raising sheep, and a little fishing. When nature was hard, very often, they had to turn to money-lenders to survive.

There were those who preyed on the desperation of the poor, “...fierce beasts who rob and devour.” St. Anthony was asked to speak at the funeral of one such as these, a money-lender. Preaching at this miser’s funeral, he referred to his (miser’s) treasure chest,

“Don’t bury this corpse in sacred ground. Bury it in any other place as you would the body of an animal, because his soul is already in hell and his heart is no longer in his body. In him the words of the Gospel have already been fulfilled: `For where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.’”

Legend tells us, when they opened the body of the miser, his heart was not there, but, with his beloved money in his treasure chest.

From Bob and Penny Lord's Chapter on Saint Anthony of Padua in Saints and Other Powerful Men in the Church

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Saint Anthony of Padua was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church. There are 33 Doctors of the Church. In the 2,000 years since the Church was instituted, out of its millions of holy people, and thousands of canonized Saints, only 33 have been given the honor of this title. We have written about 15 of them thus far. Saint Anthony of Padua, the saint we pray to for lost objects, is one of these honored people. But until the Lord decided to put St. Anthony into active ministry, he was a dishwasher and confessor to Franciscan hermits. No one had any idea what the Lord had locked up in the mind and heart of this great Saint.

Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Catherine of Siena are the co-patron Saints of Italy. This is in no way, to belittle them or the place they hold in the hearts of Italians and Catholics, as a whole; but the Saint's statue, seen in every store, car or apartment, is that of Sant Anthony of Padua, or as he is affectionately called, "Il Santo."

Of course, the Portuguese would give them an argument; they call him St. Anthony of Lisbon, just because he was born there and lived there most of his life. Oh well!


Saints and Other Powerful Men In the Church

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Saint Anthony of Padua DVD

Founder of Lost Articles
Hammer of Heretics
Miracle Worker
Doctor of the Church
Pope Benedict XVI "Take courage!
Fix your gaze on our saints

Come with us to the land of Saint Anthony in Padua, Italy and learn about our great Saint.  Saint Anthony of Padua had the gift of tongues.  He was a great homilist.  This is evidenced by his incorrupt tongue, which is in the Relic Room of his Basilica in Padua.  His larynx and voicebox are also incorrupt, further witness to his heavenly gift of preaching.
Basilica of Saint Anthony image
Saint Anthony of Padua fought Heresies. Trace the life of this Saint and the many Miracles associated with him.  See the Eucharistic miracle of Rimini where the donkey knelt before the Eucharist.  Learn about some of the many Miracles associated with his life

Enter the Reliquary room where his tongue, larynx and voicebox are completely incorrupt.  Venerate his tomb, where present day miracles are attributed to his intercession. See the ex-votos and photos of healings through his intercession. 

Make St. Anthony your Saint.  Ask him to help you find lost souls.  Scenes taped in Italy and Padua.


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Saint Augustine Doctor of the Church - Sinner turned Saint - Read how his mother prayed him to holiness.
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Saint Anthony Finder of Lost Souls - Great homilist, Mystic, Hammer of Heretics, Miracle of the Eucharist
Saint Peregrine The Cancer Saint, Incorrupt body
Saint John of the Cross Reformer of Carmelites - Doctor of the Church - Mystic - Poet - Soldier of Christ
Saint John Vianney Patron Saint of Parish Priests, had visions of Mother Mary - did battle with the devil.
Saint John Bosco Mystic - Visionary - Prophesied these last days - Pied-piper of lost children of the streets.
Saint Maxmilian Kolbe - founded Knights of the Immaculata, died as a Martyr in Auschwitz.
Saint Miguel Pro Martyr of Mexico of the 20th century
Blessed Padre Pio Visionary, Stigmatist for 50 yrs, bi-located, perfect confessor, transverberation of the heart.
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
- First Televangelist - A Prophet of these latter days-maligned and misunderstood.

Code BSM          75 Photos   528 Pages        Paperback
ISBN 0-926143-09-3  -    $17.95

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D129 - Saint John Vianney

The Cure of Ars
Patron Saint of Parish Priests

Perfect Confessor

We trace the life of the this Super Saint
Visit his church in Ars and venerate his incorrupt body;
see his confessional,
the rectory he lived in,
his bed the devil set afire,

the Shrine to his incorrupt heart, the altar where Our Lady appeared to him
and the school he founded.


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Founder of Lost Articles
Hammer of Heretics

Great homilist & Mystic
 Saint Anthony fought Heresies.
Discover the life of this Saint.
See the Eucharistic miracle in Padua.
Enter the Reliquary room where his tongue, larynx and
voicebox are completely incorrupt.
Venerate his tomb.


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**Classic ** D132 - Saint Francis of Assisi

"Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace!"
St. Francis appeals to every aspect of humanity. He is Gospel"

See many of his Miracles. Come to Assisi, land of St. Francis, to the Portziuncola,
first Franciscan Church, the Convent of San Damiano
where the Crucifix spoke to Francis, when he asked,
"What do you want of me Lord"
 and Jesus replied,
"Go and rebuild my Church which you can see, is in ruins."

Visit the Hermitage, and to his Basilica.


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D137 - Saint John Bosco
"When you speak or preach, always insist on frequent Communion,
and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

God sent Don Bosco to protect the street children of Turin.
See the Oratory he founded, the chapel, the room where he died,
the church he founded in Rome.
See his visions depicted on paintings in his chapel.
 Learn about his prophecies and dreams, and his prophecy for our times.


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D144 - St. John of the Cross

Saint - Mystic - Poet - Reformer

Joined with St. Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelite Order.
Go to Medina del Campo, where he celebrated his first Mass.
Follow his life, as he brings about reform of the Discalced Male Carmelites in Avila, Salamanca, Alba de Tormes
and visit Segovia where he is buried.
View his magnificent tomb at Segovia.
Canonized in 1726, 200 years later,
he was declared a Doctor of the Universal Church.

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D145 - St. Peregrine - The Cancer Saint
The Cancer Saint

Come to Forli, Italy; see his incorrupt body.
The Lord came down from the Cross, and
healed him of Cancer of the leg, the night before it was to be amputated.
Visit the room where the Miracle took place.
See the
for the miracles attributed to him.  $19.95

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**Classic ** D146 - Saint  Padre Pio

First Priest with Stigmata
Fragrance of Heaven

One of our most popular programs.
Visit San Giovanni Rotondo, where Saint Padre Pio spent 50 years.
See the Crucifix and choir loft where he received the stigmata;
go to his cell where he died; visit his tomb.
Many scenes Pietrelcina, where he was born;
see the field where he fought demons.

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D42 - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

First TV Evangelist
Defender of the Faith

Taped at EWTN studios in Birmingham with
some scenes from his Television programs.

Prophet -
Meet this powerful, 20th Century apostle of the Church,
as he defended the Church, against her enemies. Bob and Penny share his fascinating life and the dawn of
Electronic Evangelization!


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