Saint Catherine de' Ricci

Stigmatist - Bilocation



Saint Catherine de Ricci - Mystical Marriage - Stigmatist - Visionary

Saint Catherine de Ricci minibookFive years later, on Easter Sunday, she prayed to the Lord to give her a new heart, because she said "With this weak heart of mine, I cannot love you properly."  Then, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, she went into ecstasy, and Our Lord appeared to Catherine and gave her a new heart, made of flesh.  She said that her heart felt as if it was on fire.  She had asked to love Him with a heart that could love Him as He deserved.  Whose heart could better love Him than that of Mother Mary!  Who knew how to truly love her Son, if not His Mother?  Our Lord, when she asked for a new heart that could properly love Him, gave her the heart of His Mother Mary.  From that time on, she said her heart was no longer hers, but that of Jesus, Mother. 

      The following year, the 15th of April, 1542, she was mystically married to Jesus.  [Now, many Saints we have written about have been given that special blessing by the Lord: Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Gemma Galgani, Saint Veronica Giuliani to mention just a few.  But the outward sign of Saint Catherine de' Ricci's marriage was the most unusual we have ever heard.]  Our Lord appeared to the young girl in a brilliance, reminiscent of the Transfiguration.  He took her hand in His and kissed it; then He took a gleaming ring off His own finger and placed it on the ring finger on her left hand, saying,

      "My daughter, receive this ring as pledge and proof that thou dost now, and ever shalt, belong to Me."

      Now, this has happened before to many Saints.  The difference with Saint Catherine de' Ricci's Mystical Marriage was that there were witnesses to this miracle!  The ring actually manifested itself in a physical ring of gold and diamonds.  That's how Saint Catherineof de' Ricci saw it all her life.  It was seen and testified to by three of the nuns in the community, all of whom were mature nuns.  Only they saw something different from Catherine.  They saw a red mark around the finger, as if the ring had made a mark on her finger.  There was a larger red mark, in the form of a stone, but not a stone, appearing where a stone would be on an actual ring. 

      One description given was that it looked like a ring had been buried under the skin.  This miraculous manifestation was seen by all on Ascension Thursday and the Feast of Corpus Christi, lasting for the entire day, each time.

      The only exception to this was when the governor of Prato asked to see it.  On the Feast of Corpus Christi, Catherine was brought into the church so that he would be able to view the ring.  As soon as she approached him, the ring disappeared, and did not reappear until he left.

      The ring became an important area of contention not only in her lifetime, but later, in the process of her Beatification and Canonization.  [However, the Lord triumphed; her sincerity and spirituality were authenticated and she was officially added to the Communion of Saints.]  Catherine's superior tried to find a way to remove the cause of the problem, the red mark on her finger.  Saint Catherine de' Ricci was open to any methods the superior chose to remove the mark. 

But all the time, Catherine insisted, she couldn't see any mark on her finger; what she could see was a magnificent ring of gold adorned with brilliant diamonds that Our Lord Jesus had given her.

Saint Catherine de Ricci minibook

Saint Catherine de Ricci
BK138 - Minibook - $5.00 plus shipping -
20 pages

The series "Super Saints" on EWTN, received such a profound acceptance, with viewers seeking to learn more about these Saints, Bob and Penny Lord went about writing this Trilogy, adding the lives of these Saints to the great collection of Saints they have previously written about.  
Read how these Saints lived and died, their eyes on the Kingdom.
God raised these Saints from the four corners of the World, each with a unique charism, to touch His children, defend His Church.
Bring to your family young Role Models
who embraced the values of purity, chastity and obedience.
As men were waging war against the Church, calling it Reformation, these Saints were bringing about a True Reformation, a Counter-Reformation.

Read how you can become a Saint, and live forever in that Place reserved for you in the Kingdom; for there is a Heaven and God wants you to be with you for all time.  
This was His plan before you were born. These Saints never asked why, but how they could do God’s Will.

Pope John Paul II is counting on us!
We can change the world!  We must change the world!

Dear Bob and Penny:
Greetings from Toronto, Canada:  Just a little note to acknowledge how wonderful and inspiring your Super Saints series is. I just saw the program on Blessed Margaret of Castello.  It shows how God selects as his friends, the rejected and forgotten of this world, if they turn to Him, especially in His Eucharistic Presence. Human notoriety can appeal to our vanity as the imitation of Christ warns.In Christ and Saint Augustine  Fr. E. T. OSA Toronto, Canada

Saint Catherine de Ricci DVD

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Saint Vincent de Paul CD 

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Reader's Comments:
Dear Bob and Penny:
I am almost finished reading Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. I want to tell you that I have not been able to put it down. What a great book. I see on your website that you have books about Marian shrines.  Love and may God’s Peace be With You.
C. M. email

Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book

Heaven if real beyond your wildest dreams.  It is eternity with Our Lord Jesus  in the Beatific Vision, our Mother Mary, the Heavenly family of Angels and Saints.
Bob and Penny Lord have gone to Europe and researched the lives of many Saints and Blesseds, the teachings of the Catholic Catechism and the Catholic Encyclopedia.
They have amassed volumes of first-hand information from the visions of Saints like:

Saint Catherine de' Ricci Bi-located to Rome           
Saint John Bosco Had a vision of the world in ruins  Click here to see DVD
Saint Catherine of Genoa Vision of Purgatory         Click here to see DVD
Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi Mystically married to Jesus Click here to see DVD
Saint Catherine of Siena Had a vision of Heaven     Click here to see DVD
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque Suffered for sinners on Earth  Click here to see DVD
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Poor Souls in Purgatory  Click here to see DVD
Saint Margaret of Cortona Offered her suffering for Poor Souls Click here to see DVD
Saint Gertrude Jesus told her whom to pray for in Purgatory
Saint Bernadette Heard the sounds of Hell                  Click here to see DVD
Children of Fatima Vision of the demons in Hell
Saint John Vianney Devil set his bed afire                   Click here to see DVD
Saint Frances of Rome Carried into Purgatory by her Angel
Saint Clare of Montefalco Sees the Judgment of Souls  Click here to see DVD
Saint Philip Neri Poor Souls ushered him into Heaven  Click here to see DVD
Saint Sister Faustina Led by an Angel to Chasms of Hell  Click here to see DVD
Padre Pio Spoke to Souls in Purgatory               Click here to see DVD


Code BHHP      Many Photos     336 pages       Paperback
ISBN 0-926143-84-0         $16.95


Defenders of the Faith

Saint Philip Neri
Sts Francis de Sales & Jane Frances de Chantal
Saint Vincent de Paul
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Saint Charles Borromeo
Saint Dominic
Saint Teresa of Avila
Saint John of the Cross

Saint Catherine de' Ricci

Videos & DVDs

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Defenders of the Faith - Saints of the Counter-Reformation

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St Philip Neri DVD for $21.95
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 V120 - Saint Philip Neri

Apostle of Rome and the Laity

Walk the streets of Rome where Saint Philip Neri began his ministry.

Follow him as he teaches the brothers, who are now the Oratorians.

Visit Chiesa Nuova, the Church where he lived, died, experienced Ecstasy, Our Lady appeared to him and where Pope John Paul II went to honor him.

Discover the many Miracles that took place during his life.

ISBN 1-58002-013-5 $19.95

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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Francis de Sales DVD for $21.95
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Viewer's Comments
Dear Bob and Penny:
I just saw your Super Saints presentation on Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal. Thank you for closing your show by saying that Jesus is calling us to be great Saints. In a world that treats people anonymously, it is important to remember that we are specially, infinitely, deeply loved by Jesus, and that He made each one of us for a special saintly purpose. And thank you for saying, “We love you” at the end of each show. These words aren’t said often enough today.
We love you! God bless,
E. R. email

V121 - Saints Francis de Sales
Jane Frances de Chantal

Visit the shrines of Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, in Annecy, France, nestled deep in the French Alps.

Visit his chateau which is still inhabited by members of his family.  

Go to the majestic church of the Visitation, protecting the town, where both Saints are buried.


ISBN 1-58002-014-3 $19.95

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For English Audio Sts Francis DeSales and Frances De Chantal CD $8.00 click below

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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Vincent de Paul DVD for $21.95
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V136 - Saint Vincent de Paul

One of the most powerful Saints of France.  He was sold into slavery.

Go to Paris and the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, where his incorrupt heart is venerated.  

Go to the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul where his life story is recounted in stained glass windows and where his incorrupt body is visible.

A Defender of the Faith

ISBN 1-58002-029-1 $19.95

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For English Audio Saint Vincent de Paul CD $8.00 click below

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D36 - Sts. John of the Cross &
Teresa of Avila

Avila - Visit the house where Saint Teresa was born and the cell where she received Transverberation of the heart.

Alba de Tormes - Where she died. Venerate her incorrupt body.

Medina del Campo - Visit chapel where Saint John celebrated his first Mass and the Cathledral in

Salamanca where he was ordained.

One Hour Special

ISBN 0-926143-83-2 $19.95

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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Nicholas of Tolentino DVD for $21.95
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 V125 - Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Champion of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Go to Tolentino where Saint Nicholas had his ministry.

Visit his church and monastery.
Pray at his
tomb, at the Shrine to his incorrupt arm, a reliquary attesting to the thousands of cures and healings attributed to him.
See the tribute to the miracles on behalf of the
Poor Souls in Purgatory.

ISBN 1-58002-018-6 $19.95

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For Spanish DVD click below

Viewer Comments:
Dear Bob and Penny,

I don’t know if you’ll actually read this or not, but I sincerely want to thank you for your show “Super Saints”. This morning I saw Nicholas of Tolentino. I had never heard of him before. I was deeply affected.
I’m a former catholic priest. I’ve been laicized and dispensed from my vows, and am in good standing with the Church. Currently I’m working as the chaplain in a hospital and hospice. I perform a large number of funerals. I have a deep devotion to Mary, and the Poor Souls.
I just wanted to encourage you in your ministry. As our Holy Father has said, this is the time of the laity. Know that you and your work are backed with my sincerest prayers.

Always....P. R.



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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Ignatius of Loyola DVD for $21.95
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V162 Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Founder of the Jesuits

This video has been two years in the making

Go to Loyola, Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees, where he was born.  Originally, a soldier, he threw down his sword to serve the Lord and his Lady. 

Go to Montmartre in Paris, where he took his first vows, and to Rome where he was ordained and took his final vows in Saint Paul Outside the Walls. 

Visit the Gesu in Rome where he died in 1556 and is buried.

ISBN 1-58002-082-8    $19.95

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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Charles Borromeo DVD for $21.95
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V153 - Saint Charles Borromeo

Hero of the Counter-Reformation

Created CCD in its original form

Scenes from his life begining in Arona, birthplace of Saint Charles.

On to Pavia, where he attended the University,

then to Trent, where he worked on the Council of Trent,

to Rome and

to Milan where he was Archbishop. 

Visit the Cathedral in Milan where he is buried. 

See Stained-glass windows depicting the story of his life.

ISBN 1-58002-073-9  $19.95

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For English Audio Saint Charles Borromeo CD $8.00 click below



V143 - Saint Teresa of Avila
Carmelite Reformer

Come to Avila, to the Convent of the Incarnation where she had mystical experiences, including Transverberation of the Heart.

Scenes from  San José in Avila,
Alba de Tormes
where she died.

See her incorrupt arm and heart.

ISBN 1-58002-033-X $19.95

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For English Audio Saint Teresa of Avila CD $8.00 click below

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V144 - Saint John of the Cross
Saint - Mystic - Poet - Reformer

Joined with Saint Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelite Order.

Go to Medina del Campo, where he celebrated his first Mass.

Follow his life, as he brings about reform of the Discalced Male Carmelites in Avila,
Alba de Tormes and visit
Segovia where he is buried.

ISBN 1-58002-036-4     $19.95

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Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Dominic DVD for $21.95
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V183 - Saint Dominic

Based on Bob and Penny Lord’s book,
"Journey to Sainthood."
Founder of the Order of Preachers,

Saint Dominic was also given the gift of the
Rosary by Our Lady when she appeared to
him in France.

He has been credited with battling heresies
throughout Europe.

See the places where he preached in France,
as well as the cell where he died and his
crypt in Bologna, Italy.


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Visions of Heaven Hell and Purgatory Book plus
Saint Catherine dei' RicciDVD for $25.95
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V138 - SaintCatherine de' Ricci

This video is based on the Chapter on Saint Catherine de ’Ricci in 
Bob and Penny Lord ’s
"Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory."

This very special Saint was mystically married to Jesus, and possessed a special ring from Him. She had the gift of the Stigmata , and to Rome to have meetings with SaintPhilip Neri. Come to Prato, Italy to the Convent of SaintVincent where the Saint lived and is buried. Her body is incorrupt.  See the Miraculous statue of Our Lady which saved the Nuns from barbarians.

ISBN 1-58002-064-X   $19.95

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Super Saints Series
Journey to Sainthood
Holy Innocence
Defenders of the Faith

Readers Comments
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Click below for DVDs on the above  Journey to Sainthood Saints.

       Super Saints Trilogy Book I
             Journey to Sainthood
Saints who lived for Christ

Bl. Junipero Serra
His last ounce of blood shed for the Church, he loved and brought to the Native Americans, he died as he lived, praying for those he was leaving behind.

Saint Frances (Mother) Cabrini Pope Leo XIII told her. "Your mission will be in America to help the Italians and make your country loved." Mother Cabrini said, "Yes!"

Saint Paschal Baylon Proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII Patron of Eucharistic Congresses, he was never ordained a Priest.

Saint Leopold Mandic Although he would be considered imperfect today (barely 4' 6") this Saint of Reconciliation brought about consolation and hope to thousands.

Saint Dominic Watchdog of God - He fought the Albigensianist heresy - Our Lady gave him the Rosary with the mandate to spread it to all her children.

Saint Angela Merici I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus. She had visions of Heaven, of Jesus, as well as the devil. She battled the Protestant Revolt with education.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton A faithful daughter - a loving wife and mother - an obedient Nun - a lover of the Eucharist and Mother Mary - a role model for today

Bl. Frederic Thanks to him, Our Lady of the Cap Shrine became the meeting ground for every kind of physical and moral distress. The sick found healing; sinners were filled with remorse.

Code BJS               224 pages           Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-132-8            $13.95


Click below to see DVDs on the above  Holy Innocence


             Super Saints Trilogy Book II
         Holy Innocence
               The Young and the Saintly

Saint Maria Goretti
Saint of Purity and of Youth, and of the 20th century - Role model for chastity in our world today.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Went into ecstasy. Trained to be a Knight, he chose the most physically and demeaning work.

Saint Margaret of Castello Patron of the Unwanted. Unloved and abandoned by her family, till today, miracles upon miracles come about through her intercession.

Saint Dominic Savio Patron of Youth and Chastity - Student of Saint John Bosco - His motto, "Death but not sin."

Saint Gabriel Possenti Co-Patron of Italian Catholic Youth Like our youth today, struggling with temptations, he chose Jesus and Mary rather than the world.

Saint Rose of Viterbo Incorrupt body - She went among the villagers of Viterbo, feeding their bodies and souls.

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Traded in fame on Earth for everlasting peace and joy in Heaven - a role model for what mankind can be - for all ages and all times.

Saint Philomena Saint of Chastity - Read the heroic story of a young Christian Martyr of the early Church.

Code BHI           224 pages              Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-133-6               $13.95


Click below for DVDs on the above Defenders of the Faith Saints.


Super Saints Trilogy Book III
Defenders of the Faith
Saints of the Counter-Reformation


Saint Ignatius of Loyola Soldier - Poet - Mystic - Author Defender of the Faith - Founder of the Society of Jesus

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Along with Saint Francis de Sales she came up with a strict rule of life for herself - caring for her children - visiting the poor and the dying.

Saint Charles Borromeo Hero of the Counter-Reformation Saint of the People - Renounced his possessions - Founder of Seminaries - Archbishop of Milan - Instituted reforms.

Saint Teresa of Avila Doctor of the Church - Reformer of the Carmelites - Mystic - Transverberation of the heart - She turned the dire times of the 16th Century into a time of true reform.

Popes of the Counter-Reformation Saint Pius V - Leo X Hadrian VI - Clement VII - Paul III - Julius III - Marcellus II - Paul IV - Pius IV - Faced the dangers of the time and fought.

Saint Francis de Sales "The measure of love is to love without measure." - Founder of the Visitation Order Doctor of the Church - Patron of Journalists

Saint Vincent de Paul Apostle of Charity-sold into slavery suffered persecution-founded the Daughters of Charity.

Saint Philip Neri Apostle of the Laity - Levitated while saying Mass - Our Lady saved his life - Gift of Prophecy - Bi-located - Liberated those possessed by devil.

Saint Robert Bellarmine
Cardinal - Doctor of the Church - Father of the Counter-Refomation

Code BDF           224 pages       Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-134-4                $13.95

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