Saint Joan of Arc - Patroness of France

Saint Joan of Arc : Roman Catholic Saints : Bob and Penny Lord

D209 Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc - Patron of France DVD

Humble beginnings for a powerful Saint

There is such an amazing scope to this teenage Saint.

She was a peasant girl, daughter of a farmer.

Her village of Domremy was sort of a border town.

At any given time, it could be part of France, Burgundy, or the Holy Roman Empire, based on who was in charge. Her country was at war with England, the Hundred Years War, and had been since long before she was born.

We have to understand that Burgundy was not just a province of France, as it is today.

At that time, they were a powerful independent territory, which had sworn allegiance to England even though it was physically part of France.

It was pretty well accepted that England was going to take over France, and every little district wanted to be assured that they were on the side of the winner, or face the certainty that they would be wiped out by the feared invaders, the English.

Burgundy had sworn allegiance to England, which confused the situation, and made things all the worse.

Saint Joan of Arc
Maid of Orleans
- Co-Patroness of France DVD

The life story of St. Joan of Arc taped in FranceSaint Joan of Arc DVD
At age 12 she received
instructions how to live holy life by Saint Michael the Archangel and company of Angels.

"Daughter of God, you must leave your village save France from English."

She saved France and as a reward she was burned at the stake.

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Saint Joan of Arc - Patron of France DVD

Just Released  - Booklet #BK209
Booklet on  the life of St. Joan of Arc - Patron of France
Bob and Penny Lord have traced the life of St. Joan of Arc in France, from her first encounter with St. Michael the Archangel  up to her Martyrdom
20 pages - Life of St. Joan of Arc  - color pictures $5.00
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St. Joan of Arc  
Heroine & Co-Patroness of France

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Pope Pius XII
Man of Peace, Prophet, & Protector of Victims of War

Many photos 256 pages $17.95 Paperback
ISBN 1-58002-151-4

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