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“When you speak or preach, always insist on frequent Communion,

and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

The Lord sends us special people to handle special needs, at crucial times in the history of our Church and our world. 

From the time of Jesus, the little ones, the children, have been dear to the heart of the Father.  We recall the words of Jesus in Scripture, “Let the little ones come unto me, and do not hinder them.  It is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs.” (Mk 10:15)  Again, He spoke of the children as being important in God’s Plan.  “For what you have hidden from the learned and the clever, you have revealed to the merest children.” (Mt 11:25) 

Children have always been uppermost in the mind of the Father, as they have been helpless and in need of protection.  There have been orphans and street urchins from the beginning of time.  Over the centuries, the Lord has provided for these little ones, by sending men and women to take care of them. 

An epidemic of exploitation of children began at the end of the eighteenth century, with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.  Inventions, such as machines for spinning thread, the power loom, and the steam engine, created a new way of manufacturing goods.  It also created a need for massive cheap labor.  Families were lured off the farms and brought into the cities to work in factories, under the deception of living a better life.

In the name of progress, a new phrase had to be coined, slums, to accommodate the unbelievably poor living conditions, to which these families were subjected.  Mothers and fathers worked long hours, as did the children who were old enough to work.  Those children who could not find work, or were too young to work, were left to roam the streets, on their own.  Satan had a field day, turning these little ones into street gangs.  Left to their own devices, many embraced lives of crime.  There was no one to curb their behavior, or focus them in the direction of God.  But God is in charge; God is always in charge.

From God’s vantage point in Heaven, He could see the entire history of civilization, past, present and future.  He could see the crisis, building in the lives of His children, in the wake of this new wave of materialism, this frenzy to possess more goods, better goods, no matter what the cost in human lives and souls.  God knew, He would have to send a very special person to combat this wholesale evil in the world and save the children.  That person would have to be so charismatic, he could draw young and old alike.  He had to be able to soften hearts of stone and convince others that the vision, the Lord had given him could be accomplished.  He had to have a “can do” personality.  He had to be a mover and shaker.  He had to be a super-yes man.  He had to be a Don Bosco!

Saint John  Bosco was God’s gift to the Church of the nineteenth century.  He was one of the most powerful men in our Church of that time.  The magnetism of Saint Don Bosco reached out and touched souls all over the world, even to this present day.  He was one of the most multi-faceted diamonds, the Lord has ever given us.  In addition to being a pied-piper to the young, attracting them, embracing them, protecting them, guiding them, he founded a Religious Order, was an author, a super church-builder, as well as a visionary and prophet.  His accomplishments were so great, he was loved by millions of God’s people and hated by God’s enemies.  He gave all credit to Our Lord Jesus and to His beautiful mother, Mary’s active intervention, under the title of Mary, Help of Christians.

When I was a little person, the good nuns in my Catholic elementary school, filled my spirit with beautiful tales about Saint John Bosco and his work with children.  Interspersed with the stories were accounts of miraculous happenings, to which Don Bosco gave credit to Our Lady.  She was his best friend; She became my best friend, possibly as a result of these marvelous stories.  When I grew up, naturally, I believed that all the stories the nuns had told me about Don Bosco, as well as other saints, were just that, stories.  That is, until I came back to the Church at age 40, at which time the Lord gave me the gift of believing as a child again. 

In researching the incredible life of this modern day role model, we found the same problem exists, even among his own biographers.  Some of them feel that supernatural aspect of Don Bosco’s life has been blown out of proportion, that the instances of miraculous intervention in his life have been overstated, and we should focus on the man and his accomplishments, rather than the power of the Lord to work in men’s lives, in whatever way He chooses.  On the other hand, there are those who picture Saint Don Bosco as an empty vessel; they give full credit for every good thing in his life to the intercession of Mary, Help of Christians.  To be honest, that’s the way Saint John  Bosco felt about most everything.

We realize, though, there has to be a balance, that some of the incidents in his life make him so unique that no one could feel capable of imitating him.  In the interests of keeping the man on a plain where he remains touchable, we will attempt to keep our enthusiasm, for how much the Lord worked in his life, to a minimum.  But if we don’t expound on the miraculous in his life, we fail to give glory to God, who is the moving Force behind all of it.  We also fail to give honor to this man, who allowed himself to be emptied completely, that he might be filled with the Holy Spirit.  We have to give serious consideration to the words Pope Leo XI said of him, “In his (Saint Don Bosco) life the supernatural almost became the natural and the extraordinary ordinary.”  We really have to address that profound statement.

Saint John Bosco DVD

saint john bosco

"When you speak or preach, always insist on frequent Communion, and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Taped on location in Italy

The pied piper of Turin

God sent Don Bosco to protect the street children of Turin.

See the Oratory he founded, the chapel, the room where he died, the church he founded in Rome.

See his visions depicted on paintings in his chapel.

We have several of his visions and prophecies in this tape.

Learn about his prophecies and dreams, and his prophecy for our times.


30 Minutes


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