Saint John of the Cross - Mystic - Carmelite Reformer


Saint Teresa wrote of Saint John of the Cross

The Message St. John of the Cross left us!!

      "I realized that he was a saint, and had always been a saint."  Before her was a figure tiny in physical stature, as the world measures, but a towering giant in the Eyes of the Lord.  She recognized the same fire burning in him that raged inside of her. 

      She was fifty-two; he was twenty-five.  She, a nun twice his age!  He, a young friar with a dream to become a Carthusian hermit.  But, as he looked at her, he knew he would do anything she asked of him.  And ask she did!  She implored him to wait to join the Carthusians until the Lord had given them a Monastery.  She continued, he was, at this time and place, to serve the Lord by working change within his Order, as she had begun amongst the nuns of the Carmelite Order. 

      What could Saint John of the Cross do?  As he later wrote, his was "a heart of one that had fallen in love."  He promised he would help and agreed to wait, to join the Carthusians, if it didn't take too long.  (Author's note:  It reminds me of Brother Joseph who came to help our ministry and never left.)

      Saint John of the Cross waited until autumn.  He was restless.  He wanted to be about his dream!  He struggled!  Determined to fight the magnetic pull of Teresa on him, he set out toward Salamanca.  His journey over, he looked upon the towering magnificence of the University of Salamanca and knew he had to say good-by to all his memories.  He would use all he had learned there, but the gnawing inside him, clearly told him he had to return to Medina and his promise to Saint Teresa. 

      So, back again, in Medina, he meets up with Saint Teresa!  She asks him to join her, as she is on her way to found a house in Valladolid for her sisters.  She had promised to do this in the hope of rescuing the soul of one Don Bernardino from Purgatory.  The first Mass celebrated there, she saw his soul rising to Heaven, and Don Bernardino thanking her for what she had done for him. 

      This accomplished, she remained in Valladolid for the winter, sending Saint John ahead to Duruelo.  He stopped at  Avila to pick up a workman.  He arrived in Duruelo.  The house, Saint Teresa had chosen, that he was supposed to make into a house for religious, was a broken-down shack. 

      This young man, who had studied in Salamanca, in one of the finest Universities in the world, who had enjoyed the company of fresh, young minds and been surrounded by great thinkers, who'd been cradled in the glory of God he saw evidenced in the fine churches of Vallodolid, was standing in front of a hovel which, with God's Mercy would fall apart before he had to enter it.  But it did not fall down. 

Reference: Saints and other Powerful Men in the Church see below


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Bob and Penny have taken 10 of the most powerful women in the Church of yesterday and today, and shared them in a way that can be understood by all. They write about these women in their simple and engaging style, which has placed them among the most popular Catholic writers of the day.
Each of these 10 women are Role Models for the faithful of today.  Read how they suffered rejection by their peers, discrimination because of sex, and how they rose above all of it to become movers and shakers of the world.  There is a common thread, which gave them the strength to go on when others would have backed down -their devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Mother Mary and an unbending commitment to their vows, most especially that of obedience.

Saint Clare of Assisi Sister Moon to Francis’ Brother Sun Foundress of the Poor Clares - Miracle of the Eucharist
Clare of Montefalco Mystic - Read how they found the Crucified Lord and see the means of Crucifixion they found in her heart - Incorrupt Body
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Doctor of the Church - Saint of the Little Way - Spends her Heaven doing good on Earth
New chapter on recently proclaimed

Saint Katharine Drexel
Saint of the Native and African Americans
Sr. Briege McKenna Healing Ministry
Mother Angelica Foundress - Eternal Word Television Network
WEWN Radio - Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

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Saints And Other Powerful
In The Church

Down through the ages, men and women have given their lives to carry out the command of Jesus.  Bob and Penny Lord have tracked the lives of 12 men who have said, Yes! to Jesus, and dedicated their lives to that Yes!, some at the cost of their lives.  Their biographies parallel the times of crisis in our Church.  Bob and Penny have set their sights on the man and the time in which he lived.  They have started at the beginning of our infant Church, with one of the greatest adventurers our Faith has ever known, Paul the Apostle, and continued to our present day, ending with a Paul of the Electronic Age, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.
They have focus on the problems in the world and the Church at these crucial times in our history, the men the Lord sent to save the world and the Church from destruction, the struggles they encountered along the way, and the ultimate triumph of Jesus through His Powerful Men in the Church.


Saint Paul Jesus spoke to him; he converted, and archenemy of the Christians became Apostle to Gentile World
Saint Augustine Doctor of the Church - Sinner turned Saint - Read how his mother prayed him to holiness.
Saint Francis of Assisi Most like Jesus -lived the Gospel life - Brother Sun - Stigmatist - Founder of Franciscans
Saint Anthony Finder of Lost Souls - Great homilist, Mystic, Hammer of Heretics, Miracle of the Eucharist
Saint Peregrine The Cancer Saint, Incorrupt body
Saint John of the Cross Reformer of Carmelites - Doctor of the Church - Mystic - Poet - Soldier of Christ
Saint John Vianney Patron Saint of Parish Priests, had visions of Mother Mary - did battle with the devil.
Saint John Bosco Mystic - Visionary - Prophesied these last days - Pied-piper of lost children of the streets.
Saint Maxmilian Kolbe - founded Knights of the Immaculata, died as a Martyr in Auschwitz.
Saint Miguel Pro Martyr of Mexico of the 20th century
Blessed Padre Pio Visionary, Stigmatist for 50 yrs, bi-located, perfect confessor, transverberation of the heart.
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
- First Televangelist - A Prophet of these latter days-maligned and misunderstood.

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