Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi






Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
and her visions of Purgatory


      It is the Sixteenth Century.  We are again at a time of struggle and crisis in the world and in the Church.  A priest will cause many innocent lambs, not aware of his disobedience and betrayal to the Church, to stray.  As always, when the Church is under attack and things look hopeless, God raises up a powerful Saint to save His Church.  Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi was one of those Saints.  She was born in Florence, Italy, into a very prominent and most influential family; both sides of her parents' families were close friends of the ruling Medici family.  They would be responsible for contributing, down through the history of Florence, many highly acclaimed statesmen, but none whose mark would be so profoundly and everlastingly felt on the Church and the world, as a Carmelite Nun from their ranks who would far surpass their fleeting fame.

      Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzzi  was baptized Catherine after Saint Catherine of Siena.  From her earliest years, she showed an affinity for the religious life.  When her father was appointed Governor of Cortona, Catherine was placed in a convent school there and learned to love the prayerful and holy life, she saw so authentically lived out each day.  When she made her decision to enter the Carmelite Order, at first her family objected; they had plans to marry her off to another leading family, uniting the two families into one major entity, a dynasty more powerful than either had been before. 

      But when her family saw that none of the suitors who asked for her hand in marriage, could dissuade her from her intended plans to become a "Bride of Christ," Catherine was finally allowed to enter the Convent of Saint Mary on the Feast of the Assumption.  On January 30, 1583, she received her habit and Catherine received the name Sister Mary Magdalen.  At the vesting ceremony, the priest placed a crucifix in her hands, with the words: "God forbid that I should glory save in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ." 

      As he pronounced these words, her face became radiant, the overwhelming desire to suffer for Christ filling  her heart and mind.  This yearning never left her, nor did the pain that accompanied it.  When her physical pain became evident to one of the other sisters, she asked Sister Mary Magdalen how she could bear so much suffering without crying out.  Pointing to the crucifix, she exclaimed:

      "See what the infinite love of God suffered for my salvation.  That same love sees my weakness and gives me courage.  Those who call to mind the sufferings of Christ and who offer up their own to God through His Passion find their pains sweet and pleasant."

      After this, the sisters helped her to the infirmary, and Sister Mary Magdalen went into an ecstasy lasting an hour.  But with the ecstasy came the agony.  She not only suffered physically, but she experienced great spiritual dryness.  The devil attacked her, every way imaginable.  Although she fasted on bread and water alone (except on holidays and Sundays), she had to fight the sometimes almost overpowering craving she would have for food, and it took all the strength she could summon, to resist devouring everything in sight.  No sooner did she conquer this temptation, the enemy hit her with impure thoughts that drained her as she battled to wipe them from her mind.  She turned to the Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus.


Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi DVD

Mystically Married to Christ
Taped on location in Italy

Pope Benedict XVI "Take courage!
Fix your gaze on our saints

Go to Careggi, Italy, a suburb of Florence.

Meet a very special Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, See the incorrupt body of our Saint.  Learn of the very special life of this Saint, who bore the Stigmata, and was mystically married to Jesus.   
Visit the Carmelite convent where she lived. Go to the bell tower where she rang the bells while in ecstasy.
She had a great devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  She would pray constantly for the Poor Souls, and also for sinners to repent, so that they would not have to suffer the pains of  Purgatory or hell  She asked the Lord to allow her to take on the pains of the Poor Souls, to suffer purgatory time for loved ones. 
Visit the chapel and the garden where she had ecstasies & visions from Souls in Purgatory  Learn about her spiritual trip through Purgatory.  Saint Mary Magdalene is a very special intercessors for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

saint mary magdalene de pazzi


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Viewer Comments

Dear Bob and Penny:
I recently watched your presentation on Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi on EWTN and had to tell you how wonderful all of your presentations are.  You are filled with such a great admiration for the Saints.  An admiration that is often lacking in so many Priests and religious today.
Too often, the Saints are forgotten as we try to plod along making our way most difficult by not relying on their help.  They continue to pray for us, cajole us, nurture us and guide us on the path that they themselves have trod as together we journey toward the glory that awaits us in the Kingdom of Christ.
As the writer of the letter to the Hebrews tells us, "This great crowd of witnesses spurs us on to victory..."
Thank you for all that you do to foster devotion to the Saints, the Holy souls, Our Lady and of course, Our Lord and the Blessed Sacrament.
May God bless your efforts and continue to give you his peace.
Rev. K. S.                                        Jackson, PA



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Reader's Comments:
Dear Bob and Penny:
I am almost finished reading Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. I want to tell you that I have not been able to put it down. What a great book. I see on your website that you have books about Marian shrines.  Love and may God’s Peace be With You.
C. M. email

Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book

Heaven if real beyond your wildest dreams.  It is eternity with Our Lord Jesus  in the Beatific Vision, our Mother Mary, the Heavenly family of Angels and Saints.
Bob and Penny Lord have gone to Europe and researched the lives of many Saints and Blesseds, the teachings of the Catholic Catechism and the Catholic Encyclopedia.
They have amassed volumes of first-hand information from the visions of Saints like:
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Code BHHP      Many Photos     336 pages       Paperback
ISBN 0-926143-84-0         $16.95


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