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Take your time with this page each link is packed with information
do not try to get through this page in one day.

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Affiliate marketing 101!
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Download a free copy of 7 Secrets of Home based businesses

  • Do you want to earn money on the internet?
    Then simply take 5 minutes and read this entire page. The keys are here.
    This page reveals how to earn money from zero investment up.  We have spent 10 years
    searching for the methods and means to earn money on the internet and have boiled it down for you.
    We want you to be successful and affiliate with us and we also will be more successful. Better for us to teach many of you to fish than to feed you a fish.

  • Are your presently frustrated with your efforts or are you a successful marketer
    looking for more opportunities - then continue on.
  • I want to tell you a story that might shed some light.  In the early days of plastic
  • scientists were trying to develop a plastic yarn or string for tire cords. Cotton was not
  • strong enough. The chemist working on this plastic had been unsuccessful for years and
  • became depressed and died suddenly. He always ended up with a wad of gum like material.
  •  His workmate was also frustrated by his efforts and grabbed a wad of the gummy stuff with both hands
  • and pulled it apart and wham! it formed a string that actually cut his fingers.
  • That is how nylon came to be. And to this day nylon is made by stretching the gummy base!
  • Conclusion: frustration is near success - keep going.
  • Now here a couple of secrets we have gleaned from years of affiliate marketing.
  • Secret number one - earn money on the internet by selling other products with no costs on your end.
    Below are 12 affiliate marketing sites that will pay you to affiliate with them.
    These affiliate marketeers represent some of the largest stores like Target etc.
  • Below we list the Big Three Affiliate Marketing Companies.
  • Secret number two - affiliates like you drive and control ecommerce on the internet.
  • Did you know Amazon represents tens of thousands of small companies selling their items and you can sell all of Amazon products at no cost and of course earn commissions?
  • Secret number three - most of your earnings will come from your leads list and you must have a e-responder to handle emailing to your leads
  • Did you know that a lot of the time you purchase anything on the internet you are purchasing through a
    an affiliate? The stores furnish the banners and logos for affiliate to place.
  • Another mistake that many new marketers (and even some seasoned ones) make is falling into the trap of always seeking "the next greatest thing".  Hyped up offers will pop-up all the time and it's important to avoid subjecting yourself to most of them.  These "Hyped up" offers on how to get rich overnight are all SCAMS, every single last one of them.  Focus on building a business and don't look for something that will make you a millionaire just won't happen.


    Most of your sales will eventually come from your leads list!

    We used to call this our mailing list now it is our emailing list and it will be a top priority.

    Affiliate Marketing Companies
    Affiliate Marketing Online study courses
    Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews
    Affiliate Marketing Scams
    Affiliate Marketing Tools


Specialty Affiliate Marketing Tools

Put Twitter on autopilot!


20000 real people visitors for $17.95

Fastest and cheapest way to get
qualified visitors to your site bar none

Free Traffic Toolbar - Great idea!


Share in list building with 1000's of others

#1 List builder in the USA

Web Traffic Marketing

Powerlist Marketing list builder


Harness the viral power of every list builder in the world with this free service. Email 1000 people free just for signing up.

Unique Leads generating System

TrafficSwarm - just what it says



Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.




Have you tried Safelists?








Internet Marketing Scams

Information on some  selected "scams"

Data Entry Scams

Get Rich Quick Scams

MLM Scams

Survey Scams



Want 69% commission
Check out  People Search and Background engine by HD Publishing


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We make no claims about any of these companies.

We also have received no complaints about any of these companies.


You must check out Brother Joseph's Affiliate Marketing Reviews Site


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Links of Interest

Internet franchise business

Free computer* - *requirements

Second income marketing

an image Launching 9 days

Get paid to tell others about your site

20000 real people visitors for $17.95

Miracle Traffic Bot

Just click six - fastest way to get visitors to your site

Butterfly Manuscript free
Mike Filasaime, the super guru,is giving away the source code to the Butterfly Manuscript
Get your free copy from this licensed Reseller today.

Free Traffic Toolbar - Great idea!



Today's deal Wordpress Secrets

Try a safelist for email

Instant Affiliate Website Free

TweetomaticProfiteer ravaging Clickbank

Fastest way to get visitors to your site bar none

Harness the viral power of every list builder in the world with this free service. Email 1000 people free just for signing up.

Unique Leads generating System

Share in your list building with 1000's

#1 List Builder in the USA

 Viral Ads Unleashed

Powerlist Marketing list builder

Instant Affiliate Website  - Free

Wordpress Secrets Blowout

Satellite direct tv on your pc

Net Detective

Beating Adwords


TrafficSwarm - just what it says

Opportunity - Remember FEDEX


Affiliate Marketing Tools:

Tools to help you save time - gather information - promote your site

Affiliate Marketing Basics
Read affiliate marketing basics first then the list below will make a lot more sense.

Affiliate Marketing strategy

Affiliate Marketing checklist

13 Free setup Affiliate marketing companies

Beating Adwords

Butterfly Manuscript - Free
In June of 2010 Mike started giving the Butterfly Manuscript  We are a licensed reseller so we also giving them away!

Full Name:

Conference Room - Live Chat room

Email e Responder

Free People Search Engine

Free Website

Niche marketing software

Powerlink Generator System

Squidoo lens (great for backlinks)

TrafficVoodoo for more traffic

Unlimited web hosting

Viral Friend Generator System

Video production for web

Web design software

Free People Search Engine

Free Website

Get traffic with Powerlink-Generator-System new!

Squidoo lens (great for backlinks)

TrafficVoodoo for more traffic

Unlimited web hosting

Video production for web

Web design software


Brother Joseph's Picks:

We use these sites and programs and have had good success with them.

Viral Ads Unleashed for building a downline

Just Click Six for fast viral traffic

#1 List builder in the USA for traffic

GVO for responder and conference room

Hostgator for web hosting

Wealthy Affiliate for basic learning

Viral Friend Generator for leads generation


Squidoo for backlinks for affiliate sales

Get a free affiliate website at

Seven Figure code insider tips etc.

Get Mike Filsaime's 7 Figure Secrets Absolutely Free by Clicking Here



Affiliate Marketing online courses

Online schools and courses for affiliate marketers

Article Marketing course

Global Domains Academy

GVO Marketing Learning Academy

Affiliate Marketing Schools

Pay per Click Accreditation course

SEO course




Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews

Product reviews on some of the top products

Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews Site

Making money online money reviews

Affiliate project X Review

Beating Adwords Review

Clickbank Products Review

Day Job Killer Review

Affiliate marketing top ebooks review

Forex Enterprise Review

Affiliate marketing guide reviews

Pay per Click Reviews

Rich Jerk Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Who wants money review

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Rich
We will Teach you how to Make Yourself Rich.

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Social Media Sites
For business
Tip: Signup with free account and upgrade only after you are comfortable
 This seems to be where the traffic is and will be coming from.


Need More Sokule and Twitter Followers Fast?
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Mail to our huge lists of over 275,000!


Want more business?


Join the fastest growing Social Network that pays You


Everything you need to succeed online!
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Facebook Social Ads Exposed
Free Report


Want to be successful on line?
This is Brother Joseph's meat list. He has boiled down years of experience to these five below.

Sokule makes Facebook users jealous

Tweetomatic makes Twitter Chirp

Extreme Robot makes your banker smile

SFI feeds your family

Tampogo feeds you and the poor

Let Brand Go Live do the work of registering to Social Sites for you








You need to have a Website

You must have a website in order to earn some $$
You want a website that is easy to edit and easy for visitors to navigate.
Believe us, if visitors have a hard time navigating on your site, you will not be successful.

In website design we have found these to be the priorities.
1. Navigation - visitors must be able to get from one page to another

2. Content - content must be consistent and the visitor must be interested in what you have to offer

3. Cart server - needs to have flexibility to meet customers needs ie) coupons, discounts

4. Domain name - Name is relevant to the site


You may get your website from anywhere you choose.


Just out!  Get a free affiliate website at


Strategy A

We do suggest GDI to get a complete package.  It has everything you need plus built in income sources and built in tools like tracking and affiliate marketing for GDI

Click here to watch the Global Domains video

(Sidebar We use the above GDI Global Development Corporation for two of our sites and have had no problems. Those sites are and  PS these are examples of evangelizing and earning $$. delivers visitors directly to our other sites free)


Strategy B

If you want to get a more advanced site from a  company we also use click here has been used to create  
With you can use forms with autoresponders and lots of more advanced tools to build almost any site you can dream of. also has a work from home version website builder.


Strategy C

Check out GVO web hosting - lots of extras
GVO has all the tools in one location

Click here for video on potential earnings with GVO

For the real movers - Unlimited domain hosting

Check out the place where the Affiliate Marketing gurus gather

For serious work at home marketers only
all about web hosting solutions - reviews - tips


You say you cannot afford $10 per month then click here


Wealthy Affiliates is one of the premiere web hosting  sites Internet Marketing Success!
Wealthy Affiliate the most wide array of Internet marketing resources available in the World. From advertising techniques, to finding the right audiences, and choosing HOT products that sell like crazy, to 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching by Kyle and Carson. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate members average $800 per week in internet sales income. also has a work from home version website builder.


Strategy C:

For serious work at home marketers only

 Are you a Wealthy Affiliate yet?
Learn how to Make Money Online from two Successful internet marketers who are willing to share their secrets.

Niche builder learning system

We have received no complaints from our customers about the services of any of the above.

By signing up with these above sites you will have access to thousands of merchants eager to have you advertise their products and services on your website.

Successful affiliate marketeers simply place these ads on their web page strategically so that the visitor sees a page that is flowing not jumping around.

Tip: If you have a website all about travel then you would go to one of the affiliate marketing sites above  and  apply to the travel categories.

To see a page in action click here   In this case the page is using simple Google adsense ads and others.


Download a free copy of Home Based Business Secrets pdf plus get it rebranded for you to earn 50% commissions.






More Suggestions: >

Submit articles - great way to get traffic to your site

Article marketing  and SEO Accreditation learning course

Submit your article submission service


Something extra

Support the Monks in Wyoming while earning $$

Become a Mystic Monk Affiliate!


You may want to check out this video: about affiliate marketing.
It may answer a lot of questions.

Browse these top 5 money making ebooks


Affiliate Marketing free video This video will give you lots of information
about what is happening with affiliate marketing.


How to use free stuff to evangelize
is a good article you may also find useful

Join our Global Cyber Evangelist Community
earn a few $$
click here to learn more


Did you know Faith based sites are some of the fasting growing
internet sites? There is great opportunity to affiliate with them.
If you want to earn 20 to 30% commissions click the link below for a
Catholic Site.

Bob and Penny Lord Ministries Affiliates


Instant Affiliate Website Free

















Good newsletter free offer

toolbar powered by Conduit


Did you know 30% of google searches are people searches?



Get a free people search engine - start to earn $$
We have a site with them.
Their philosophy is it is better to earn a few per cent of thousands than earn 100% of one:
People searches surge ahead






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