Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah

Prophecies and Promises
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Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah Prophecies and Promises book

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Prophecies and Promises

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Three Days of Darkness?

The Great Battle Between Good and Evil

The Great Apostasy and the Antichrist

Our Lady Saves us from Destruction

I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind

Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora Prophecies
Popes -19th & 20th Centuries Prophecies
Saint Hildegard Prophecies


Should We Apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah?

A Cry in the Desert

God Cries out through the Prophets
From the Culture of Life to the Culture of Death
God the Father-Maligned and Misunderstood
History of the World and the Church
World War II, Dress Rehearsal for Last Days? Click here to view text from this chapter
Requiem of the Age of Innocence
My Country Tears of Thee
Sign of the Angels
Three Days of Darkness?
Who Do You Trust?
The Great Battle Between Good and Evil
19th Century-The Popes Prophesy World War I
The Popes continue the fight for souls in the 20th Century
The Popes prophesy the final years of the Second Millennium
Pope John Paul II, Pope of the Final Years of The Millennium
Pilgrim Pope-Prophet-Peacemaker-Messenger of Hope His banner of love to his children - "Be not afraid!"
The Great Apostasy and the Antichrist
Rage or Righteousness
Our Lady Saves us from Destruction
What have you done with my Church?
I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind
The 20th Century Reign of Terror-the methodical annihilation of the Human Race - Drugs, Birth Control, Abortion and Euthanasia
You can change the World
Bob and Penny Lord delved into Scripture, into Revelations by the Saints, and prophecies of the Popes. Read that you might understand the present days of darkness and the coming days of God’s Justice and Mercy if the world will only convert. Read Prophecies and Promises given to:
Jesus in the New Testament
Mother Mary in her Apparitions
Blessed Anna Maria Taigi
Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich
Blessed Sister Faustina
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort
Saint Gaspar de Bufalo
Saint Don Bosco
Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora
Popes -19th & 20th Centuries
Saint Hildegard
....and many more!

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Chapter From Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah

World War II - Dress rehearsal for the Last Days?

      Do you believe in coincidence?  Or do you believe in Divine intervention?  As we correlate important Feast Days of Jesus, Mother Mary, the Angels and the Saints and their relationship to the events of World War II, well you might say, Our Lord and the whole Heavenly Family of God do not cause war and havoc; and you would be right!  But they sure are involved.  We are not privileged to know the Mind of God--why He allows certain things to come to pass, why He sends certain signs and what they truly mean, why key moments in the history of the world coincide with those of the Church. 

      For example: In the year 1941, the United States of America entered World War II on December the 8th, the Feast Day of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception.

      In the year 1945, World War II ended in Europe and we celebrated V-E Day, on May 8th, the Feast Day of the Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel in the Gargano in Italy.

      In that same year, on July 16th, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the United States successfully tested the first Atom bomb in New Mexico.

      The actual date of the Cease Fire which effectively ended World War II in Japan was August 14, 1945, the eve of the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven.

      What does this all mean?  There are facts we know and others we can ascertain, such as those above.  What their greater meaning is for God to know, and for us to find out; and in so doing, lead us to the truth and a greater awareness of God's place in our lives.  It depends solely on God.  We can only speculate on the reasoning behind the correlation of certain key Feast Days with monumental events which took place during World War II.  Is this God's way to let us know He was there by our side throughout the fray, and that He is here now, listening to us, never leaving us alone; we can go forward without fear, but instead with confidence, knowing that, as we had prayed for our loved ones who were defending their country, as we pray for our loved ones now, our Heavenly Family is always listening, for God is with us till the end of the world?

      The greatest gift we can receive from knowledge of these events could be to give us confident assurance that God is active in every aspect of our lives, in the most insignificant and the most important, always deeply involved with the salvation of our souls and with our hearts. 

      We know that Our Lord has created us with Free will!  Now, that is where the problem lies!  As with all God's Gifts, we often misunderstand and abuse His Graces, His gifts, His bountiful generosity.  God gave us Free Will to love Him freely with all our hearts, minds and soul.  We, in our foolishness and pride have allowed the enemy of God to coerce us into believing that our Free Will was our right not to love and obey God, but to use God's gifts against Him.  And you ask, When did we use God's gifts against Him?  Whenever we used them against the least of His children, we did it to Him!

      We have heard the cries of the wounded--physically and emotionally--victims of World War II.  We have walked through the endless rows of graves of the victims, Allied and Nazis, of the Normandy Invasion in France, horrible remembrances, giving witness to man's inhumanity to man.  We shook our heads and vowed this would never happen again.  Never would the history of the world be tainted by such cold disregard of life!  We walked through the different buildings in the death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, saw the children's toys, the little dolls, men and women's personal belongings, combs and brushes, razor kits, shoes and suitcases with names on them--hope unrealized.  They told them they were going to another life.  Sure, they had to leave all they, and their ancestors before them, had known, all they had built, all their friends and often family.  There was the pain of separation; but there was the promise, and that they held onto--which turned out to be an abominable lie, the dream that still screams out, pleading, This was not meant to be a nightmare!

      Survivors of the tragic holocaust, those who have suffered for over 50 years, an eternity remembering years lost and love unfulfilled, those who have just gone through the motions of living, trying to fill an empty void which refuses to be filled by any but those who were sacrificed on the altar of infamy of Satan's #1 helper--Hitler, cry out in rage, a rage they could not dare to demonstrate while it was all happening!  Now, they want the whole world to know and share their grief!  They want retribution!  They demand that someone pay for this!  And because nothing can ever repay them for the atrocity which has haunted them all their lives, they rant; they accuse, often mistakenly pointing fingers at those they judge did too little, too late--putting all Christians into a box, the way Hitler did.  And so the hate goes on!

      The anger was to hit home, prejudice breeding more hate and hostility!  A young man visited our home, with the excuse he wanted us to sign a contract.  When we playfully questioned him why he really was there, as we had done business with his company for many years without a contract, he shamefacedly replied he wanted to meet the woman who praised God every other sentence.  I insisted, if I did, it was not a conscious thing.  Everything was going well, when he noticed all the religious art in our home, the Crucifix, and the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  He began with the comment, he did not know Catholics worshiped Jesus. 

      Well, we got that straightened out, when he turned to a situation, which had been getting much undeserved coverage in the media, concerning a controversy between a few Jews from New York who had tried to jump the fence of the Carmelite Monastery outside the Death Camp of Auschwitz, and Polish gardeners working on the grounds who tried to keep them out.  They had tried to explain that it was private property, a convent of cloistered Nuns and as such, men could not enter without permission from the Abbess.  Sadly, misunderstanding heaped on mis-communication and an altercation ensued which naturally got into the papers.  What the media, as usual, left out was that this monastery had been the warehouse that had housed Cyclone B, the deadly cyanide gas, used to kill not only millions of innocent victims who were Jews, but Catholics, Priests, Nuns, Professors and leaders of communities, any and all who Hitler considered enemies of the Third Reich!

      For years, some separated brothers and sisters in Christ have confronted us, accusing our Church of varied and multiple abuses, prejudices, and injustices resulting from our Church's role in the Inquisition.  Knowing little Church History, we Catholics just hung our heads, wishing the earth would open up and swallow us, relieving us of the shame we supposedly shared but did not understand.  But now there was a new form of attack--the issue of the monastery outside Auschwitz.  Now, our Pope John Paul II who has been unfairly accused of being prejudiced by a few Jews, in an attempt to bring peace and closure to an incendiary situation, ordered the Nuns to vacate the Monastery, they had so lovingly renovated, and move into another building!

      The young man asked us what we thought about the entire mess.  We replied, "If you want to know how we feel about the Nuns obeying their Vicar, our Pope, this is in keeping with our Church and her teaching; we are called to obey, as Jesus and Mary before us, without question.  But what is the problem with these Nuns having a memorial, a church where they would pray for those who had died as well as those who killed them, and offer acts of atonement in reparation for the sins committed in the concentration camps which cry out for justice and retribution from Heaven, itself." 

      Their sister in community, Saint Edith Stein died at Auschwitz, "as a Jewess and a Catholic Nun, for the Jews who were being persecuted and for the Nazis who were persecuting the Jewish people, saying if she did not pray and make retribution for the Nazis who will?"  These Carmelite Nuns, were merely following in the tradition of their fellow Carmelite, Saint Teresa Benedicta della Croce (Edith Stein).

      The young man, repeating what he had heard, the objections of a select few, concerning the controversial Monastery, said the Cross reminded the Jews of the Christians who killed millions of Jews in the Death Camp of Auschwitz.  When we protested, "No Christians killed Jews," and that he should know, being a Christian, that no follower of Christ, the Prince of Peace, could raise a hand against any of His beloved children, Jews, Moslems or Christians, and call himself a Christian, that Christ loved all His children, right to Calvary where He died for all, those who believe in Him and those who do not.  He was born and died so that all mankind would know life eternal with the Father.

      We went on, "Those who perpetrated these atrocities against God's children had chosen a false god, pledging allegiance to Hitler, their Heil Hitler replacing the reverence shown Jesus and Mary when they had formerly proclaimed as Christians, Heil Jesus and Heil Maria."  Denying their Lord, these poor deluded instruments of a madman no longer believed in the Lord, in Heaven or Hell.  The father of Pride had talked them into believing they were a master race, and as such, they only owed allegiance to their new god--Hitler! 

      Not all Germans were Nazis; there were those who clung to their Faith behind locked doors, afraid to let their own children know they were praying the Rosary or reading the Bible, lest they turn them in, the penalty being internment in a concentration camp with the promise of death not far behind.  Hitler made a new family; no more answering to parents, the children became the heads of the families.  Parents began to fear their own children, who could turn them in at any moment for acceptance by the party!  Is this not like Jesus' prophecy, "...a son against his father, ...a daughter against her mother"

      The young man, not finished, insisted, "How could Christians be a party to such inhumanity?  How could they just stand by and do nothing as cattle cars roared past their homes carrying helpless men and women to torture and finally death?  The Germans knew what was happening; and they let their neighbors be taken away to be killed." 

      "Oh," we asked the young man, "So then they shared in the guilt because they did nothing?"  He adamantly replied Yes!   We then asked him, "When he had last prayed before an abortion clinic for the express purpose to prevent the

annihilation of millions of unborn babies, not by Nazi pagans but by licensed doctors who have taken the hippocratic oath to save and preserve life?  How many times had he prayed that the accessories to the crimes, not soldiers in boots and helmets who had blindly obeyed their superiors, but duped mothers obeying inadvertently the prince of the abyss, would open their eyes and hearts and see that the unseen they were carrying were their children, flesh from their flesh, blood from their blood, inescapably one?"  We continued, "Had he ever tried to counsel any of the women going into an abortion clinic, in an attempt to save the unborn lives being tortured and mercilessly killed in a different type of gas chamber, their mother's womb?  In Auschwitz, mothers tried to hide their babies so that they might be spared; the monsters were enemies easily recognizable." 

      We maintained that although the horror visited upon the victims of Nazism was one that is reprehensible, and possibly there was little likelihood for escape, unlike these babies being blown apart in their mother's wombs, they had legs to run with, a place to hide, maybe a slim chance to live, but a chance; the enemy was not one they trusted.  Oh, when we have looked at sonograms of babies contentedly moving about inside their mothers, we want to cry out, Will no one speak for those who cannot speak for themselves? 

      The young man replied, "Oh, I don't get involved with that."  Our reply was, "Neither did the German people." 

      When are we going to realize what is going on?  The enemy of God hates the fact he cannot create, and consequently incites others to destroy God's precious creation.  You have only to look about you, not far, but within the confines of your own family and you will not see two identical human beings.  How carefully God has fashioned with His own Hands each of His creation!  How lovingly He has placed His Will and love in each of those He entrusted to human parents on earth, on loan, with the privilege and purpose of caring for them, of sharing in the beautiful development of these innocent souls into beautiful holy souls which will be in time ready to return to the Heavenly Kingdom and dwell with Him and the whole Heavenly Family. 

      We were children during World War II, and the only link, we had with the war raging in Europe and the Pacific Theater, was our loved ones--brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles, serving overseas in the Armed Services.  I can still remember the fear that went through the family every time the door bell rang; we never knew when it would be a soldier telling us our brother had been killed in battle.  I still remember my mother crying out, and my father's eyes welling up with tears he could not risk shedding lest my mother fall apart, when a soldier finally did come and advise us our brother had been wounded in action. 

      It was a war that tore apart families, separated because of loved ones overseas, and divided because of ties members of families had to citizens from countries with whom we were at war.  I can remember my father arguing heatedly, and then finally not speaking to an uncle for many years, because he had made a remark lauding Hitler's plan to take over the United States. 

      On the other side of the world, in Germany, it was a time of illusion and delusion, an insane time, with family people, simple, honest church-going men and women, buying into an infamy they would never be able to live down, turning their backs on their long-time neighbors and lifetime friends, looking the other way when they were rounded up like dangerous criminals and carted away, never to be seen again, because Hitler said they were Jews and Jews were inferior people who had to be relocated in a different place.  Men and women, fathers and mothers, not unlike those who were being singled out for deportation and death (with one exception--they were of the master race this maniac, Hitler  was fashioning), stooped to a level below that of the animals, justifying inch by inch first prejudice, then violation of their neighbors' rights and finally the taking of lives; all in obedience to a higher force, a new god, a loud mouth renegade and insurrectionist who promised them the world!

      The German people had been through the most devastating period in their history after their defeat in World War I.  They were near starvation much of the time, eating their pets.  Their life savings had been wiped out by the devaluation of the German mark.  Hitler took them out of this.  He pointed a finger at the Jews and blamed them for all the ills which the people had suffered.  When he promised them a better life, they never considered, nor did they inquire how he would deliver that which he did not have; and when they realized the price was the persecution, the brutalization, and the inhumane annihilation of those who always considered themselves Germans like them, it was too late.  The mad dog who had begun as their protector was out of control.  They had bought into temporal reward at the price of their souls; and as the enemy of God had withheld the final outcome to Adam and Eve, his messenger of the Twentieth Century had not told the German people there was no way out of the hell he had planned for them.

      We have been studying Hitler and the devastation of World War II, again, because we see so many parallels, today.  Brother Joseph has been saying, since 1986, It's 1936, all over again.  Little did we fully comprehend the full meaning of his words.  We visited Birkenau in 1994, and prayed at the spot where two young Religious were killed, in a little white cottage, one of the first gas chambers of destruction.  We stood there, mourning the great loss the world will never fully realize, because such as Saint Edith Stein, her sister Rosa, and other innocents met their death, horribly and prematurely, at the hands of men who were no longer men but robots programmed by a monster.  Meditating on the signs we see at the close of the Second Millennium, we recall the words of Sister Edith Stein, also known as Saint Teresa Blessed by the Cross,

      "When night comes and retrospect shows that everything is patchwork and much one had planned (is) left undone, when so many things rouse shame and regret, then take all as it is, lay it in God's Hands and offer it up to Him.  In this way we will be able to rest in Him, actually to rest, and to begin the new day like a new life."

      The well-known publisher, Joseph Pulitzer said, "If I don't print it, it didn't happen."  In Nazi Germany during the time of Hitler, propaganda machines dictated the mood of the world.  We once had the misfortune to meet some news cameramen from a well known major T.V. network.  They said, proudly, "We wish the reporters would stay home.  We determine the news by what we shoot and how we shoot it; the angle we choose, what we include and what we exclude." What they did not add was they delivered their message rather than the truth.  More than 11 million innocent people died at the hand of one monster; and the world is just now discovering (because it is convenient?) genocide of greater numbers at the hands of another monster--Josef Stalin! 

      We must stop being sheep being led to slaughter.  We are a more informed people today than our families during World War II.  Let us stop apologizing to the generations coming after us.  In this, the last decade of this century, we have had genocides that have reached into the billions surpassing those millions of the 1930's and 1940's, and as we end the century, we have another genocide in the Balkans, now called ethnic cleansing, which alone is approaching the level of the millions.

      Let us begin today to listen to the Word of God, follow God's Law, God's plan for us and for our world.  God created a perfect world for us; our first parents fell victims to the first monster who used propaganda to lead them astray; sin came into the world and has contaminated the world ever since.  The #1 monster has commissioned his monsters to roam the earth without sleeping, to seek the ruin of souls.  He has positioned Antichrists in key positions, wolves dressed in sheep's clothing, to delude us and lead us to our damnation.  But God never sleeps, He is always with us, sending us messages and prophecies, to warn us, to give us another chance. 

      We read about the evil in the world.  We are disillusioned and are being conditioned to believe in no one and nothing.  That is not God's Will, but Satan weaving a web of destruction which can only lead to despair.  We have had alleged prophecies over the centuries, and the end did not come about at the time predicted.  We can choose to believe the prophecies were inaccurate, or we can believe that prayer moved the Heart of God to give us more time, so that we can lead others to the Way, the Truth, and the Life Who is Jesus, and eternal peace.  The world is accelerating at breakneck speed on a parallel course towards its final destination.   Heaven has always been God's plan for us; and hell always His enemy's goal.  It's not too late.  Whom and what do you choose?




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cfMt 25:40

meaning Third Rule or Third Empire, Hitler fashioning Emperor of the new Holy Roman Empire, which was neither Holy or Roman, as it was Germany, under this title ruling most of Europe.

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Heil in German means Hail

Lk 12:53

Except in the case of identical twins

A more advanced section of Auschwitz

Pulitzer was publisher of the New York World newspaper and creator of the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in Journalism.

the serpent

the devil

the other fallen angels