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Bob and Penny Lord  introduce
Now Showing Interactive

Bob and Penny want to reach out to more of you on a personal level.

We are introducing Now Showing Interactive to make the best use of new video technology.

What is Now Showing Interactive? It is latest technology that combines the ability to webcast one of our programs plus interact with you the viewer.


1. We are webcasting the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and you want to see something from Saint Padre Pio.  The monitor will ask you when you want to see it and then put it in the queue for you to view. Great!

2. We are webcasting Our Lady of Lourdes and you want to purchase dvd on the life of Saint Gerard Majella. The monitor will place the link to the page and you can simply copy the link and paste it in your browser.

3. Get the picture? Endless interactive combinations are possible. Get excited! The future of evangelization is now.

How do we access Now Showing Interactive?

Simple when the icon below reads offline we are offline.

When the icon below reads online we are online and ready to interact with you. Simply type in your question etc and hit send. Simple!

When Icon reads online Click to view Now Showing Interactive enter name -  no password needed


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