Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph - Heresies

A comprehensive book about Heresies
Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph

Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah
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Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph Heresies
Reader comments:

Dear Bob and Penny:
     Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!  I have just finished your book, “Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph.” I am shaking I am so filled with joy and happiness! I want to scream from the roof tops with joy but also with warning, warning all the people I know of the deceit of the lie of the enemy hiding but no longer hiding but right in front of our face so close we did not even see him or at least I didn’t and a lot of people I know also do not know.
     I have been on this path trying to find truth and enlightenment for probably 30 years even though I was born and raised Catholic, I did not understand my Faith.
     Your book exposed the big liar to me!  I been praying the rosary for over two years asking the Blessed Mother to lead me to the truth and get the right books in my hands.  I cannot wait to get the Church Trilogy books from you.
     Thank you Lord Jesus for sending the Spirit of Truth!
     With tears of joy, I thank you for your ministry!

Otisville, MI

Scandal of the Cross
and Its Triumph

Heresies throughout the
History of the Church

"This book must be in every Catholic home in America!"

 ...Mother Angelica of EWTN

"You must read this book to know what’s happening in our Church today." "This is the only book that traces the Heresies from the beginning of the Church up to and including today." "It is an important work because it reveals the Heresies of today in the light of the Heresies of yesterday." "The Lords have taken a difficult subject and put it into their simple and understandable style." "I bought this book to use as ammunition against heresies that are going on right now in our Church." "This is a Handbook of Heresies, simple to understand." Saint Jerome said, "The whole world awoke and groaned in astonishment to find itself Arian." Will we awake someday and discover to our sorrow, we are no longer Catholic?

In times of crisis, God sends us special graces
While Jesus Walked the Earth
Heresies of the 1st Century
Heresies and Predestination in the 2nd Century
Heresies Denying Trinity and Incarnation
3rd Century Heretics - Tertullian & Origen
Heresies attack Divinity of Christ
Arianism in 4th Century
Pelagianism - Man can be God -5th Century New Age
The Moslem Conspiracy
Iconoclasm - Graven Images & Waldensians
The Greek Schism
Berengarianism - Attack on the Holy Eucharist
Renaissance - New Birth or 14th Century New Age?
Modernism- A 20th Century Heresy
New Age - The Great Deceit /Through a Shattered Mirror

Code BSC     Paperback        Many Photographs  320 Pages
ISBN 0-926143-15-8       $16.95

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Our Lady Saves us from Destruction
What have you done with my Church?
The Popes Prophesy World War I and the final years

        ISBN 1-58002-136-0  $17.95
 Many Photos    320 pages

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