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Journey to Sainthood
Holy Innocence
Defenders of the Faith

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Journey to Sainthood Super Saints book 1







Super Saints Trilogy
Book I
Journey to Sainthood

Saints who lived for Christ

Blessed Junipero Serra
His last ounce of blood shed for the Church, he loved and brought to the Native Americans, he died as he lived, praying for those he was leaving behind.

Saint Frances (Mother) Cabrini Pope Leo XIII told her. "Your mission will be in America to help the Italians and make your country loved." Mother Cabrini said, "Yes!"

Saint Paschal Baylon Proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII Patron of Eucharistic Congresses, he was never ordained a PrieSaint

Saint Leopold Mandic Although he would be considered imperfect today (barely 4' 6") this Saint of Reconciliation brought about consolation and hope to thousands.

Saint Dominic Watchdog of God - He fought the Albigensianist heresy - Our Lady gave him the Rosary with the mandate to spread it to all her children.

Saint Angela Merici I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus. She had visions of Heaven, of Jesus, as well as the devil. She battled the Protestant Revolt with education.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton A faithful daughter - a loving wife and mother - an obedient Nun - a lover of the Eucharist and Mother Mary - a role model for today

Blessed Frederic
Thanks to him, Our Lady of the Cap Shrine became the meeting ground for every kind of physical and moral distress. The sick found healing; sinners were filled with remorse.

Code BJS               224 pages           Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-132-8            $13.95

Holy Innocence  Super Saints book 2 Young Saints



Super Saints Trilogy Book II
Holy Innocence
The Young and the Saintly

Saint Maria Goretti Saint of Purity and of Youth, and of the 20th century - Role model for chastity in our world today.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Went into ecstasy. Trained to be a Knight, he chose the most physically and demeaning work.

Saint Margaret of Castello Patron of the Unwanted. Unloved and abandoned by her family, till today, miracles upon miracles come about through her intercession.

Saint Dominic Savio
Patron of Youth and Chastity - Student of Saint John Bosco - His motto, "Death but not sin."

Saint Gabriel Possenti Co-Patron of Italian Catholic Youth Like our youth today, struggling with temptations, he chose Jesus and Mary rather than the world.

Saint Rose of Viterbo Incorrupt body - She went among the villagers of Viterbo, feeding their bodies and souls.

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Traded in fame on Earth for everlasting peace and joy in Heaven - a role model for what mankind can be - for all ages and all times.

Saint Philomena
Saint of Chastity - Read the heroic story of a young Christian Martyr of the early Church.

Code BHI           224 pages              Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-133-6               $13.95

Defenders of the Faith Super Saints book 3




Super Saints Trilogy Book III
Defenders of the Faith
Saints of the Counter-Reformation


Saint Ignatius of Loyola Soldier - Poet - Mystic - Author Defender of the Faith - Founder of the Society of Jesus

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Along with Saint Francis de Sales she came up with a strict rule of life for herself - caring for her children - visiting the poor and the dying.

Saint Charles Borromeo Hero of the Counter-Reformation Saint of the People - Renounced his possessions - Founder of Seminaries - Archbishop of Milan - Instituted reforms.

Saint Teresa of Avila Doctor of the Church - Reformer of the Carmelites - Mystic - Transverberation of the heart - She turned the dire times of the 16th Century into a time of true reform.

Popes of the Counter-Reformation Saint Pius V - Leo X Hadrian VI - Clement VII - Paul III - Julius III - Marcellus II - Paul IV - Pius IV - Faced the dangers of the time and fought.

Saint Francis de Sales "The measure of love is to love without measure." - Founder of the Visitation Order Doctor of the Church - Patron of Journalists

Saint Vincent de Paul Apostle of Charity-sold into slavery suffered persecution-founded the Daughters of Charity.

Saint Philip Neri
Apostle of the Laity - Levitated while saying Mass - Our Lady saved his life - Gift of Prophecy - Bi-located - Liberated those possessed by devil.

Saint Robert Bellarmine
Cardinal - Doctor of the Church - Father of the Counter-Refomation

Code BDF           224 pages       Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-134-4                $13.95

Journey to Sainthood Super Saints book 1Holy Innocence  Super Saints book 2 Young Saints

Defenders of the Faith Super Saints book 3

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Super Saints Trilogy – Journey to Sainthood – Holy Innocence – Defenders of the Faith

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D164 Saint Gabriel of the Sorrows

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