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Church Trilogy

Treasures of the Church

Tragedy of the Reformation and

Cults: Battle of the Angels

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Treasures of the Church - That Which Makes Us Catholic book


Reader Comments:
Dear Bob & Penny:
Enclosed please find a book order for 9 copies of Trilogy Book 1: “Treasures of Our Church”.  I will be distributing these books to my brother’s confirmation class.  His teacher asked me to share our trip to the Holy Family Mission...with his class.  I’m very excited to share about the conference and the dedication of the Holy House of Loreto with his class.
Your books have been very inspirational in my life and I hope that “Treasures of our Church” will give the confirmation students a good basic understanding of what we believe as Catholics.  It is my hope that they will turn to this wonderful reference often and remain strong in their faith.
Thank you for your continued evangelization of our Faith.  May the Lord bless you...always.  You are both in my daily prayers.

L.D.  - Newfane, NY

Trilogy Book I
Treasures of the Church
A perfect Reference book

How do you answer when someone asks you:

  • Where does the Bible talk about Purgatory?

  • Where does the Bible say we have to go to Confession?

  • Where does the Bible say we should have a Pope?

  • When a Protestant says Catholics don't teach according to the Bible?

  • When you hear from the pulpit something you know in your heart is wrong?

  • Why do Catholics worship Mary?

This book answers all those questions and more

A perfect book for CCD teachers, especially in Confirmation Class

Simple, easy to read explanation of all the Councils in the Church

What we believe, and where it came from
Know the Truth! Know your Faith, so you can defend it!
This is your Church! This is your Catholic Faith
Learn it; Love it; or Lose it!

Chapters on all the teachings of our Faith
Holy Trinity - Central Mystery of our Faith
The Son of the Living God
Mother of God - Mary Most holy
The Holy Spirit and the Councils
Faith without good works
Salvation through the Cross
Thou art Peter...
Seven Sacraments
Sacred Traditions

"The gates of hell will not prevail against our Church"
Code BTRE               Paperback
ISBN 1-58002-005-4        $13.95

Tragedy of the Reformation book



Reader comments:

Dear Bob and Penny:
     I just finished your book, “Tragedy of the Reformation.”  Thanks!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, in as much as one can, seeing so many types of European nationalities putting themselves above Jesus.  I understand that the Church is full of failures to Jesus but after people realize that their Church is not perfect either, I don’t understand why they don’t come back to Mother Church.  Comparing apples to apples, both have had problems, I will choose the one Jesus founded any day.
     Thanks for your book’s inspiration to keep the Faith alive.  It brings me comfort and I hope that I can remind people of that.  Your book did!

Peace and Love...
S.B.  email

Trilogy Book II

 Tragedy of the Reformation
How did 6,000,000 Catholics leave their Church?
They never knew what hit them; when they learned,
it was too late.
This book is about the you and me who have become separated brothers and sisters in Christ through no fault of our own.  It is not what we believe that separates us; it is what we do not know!

Read about the Shapers and enforcers of the Reformation:
Wyclif -
Birth of the Protestant Reformation
Hus - Hero or Heretic?
Luther - Reformer or Revolutionary?
Calvin - Father of Predestination
Henry VIII - Defender or Defector of the Faith

Religious Wars - All wars are religious wars
The Huguenot Wars
Battle of the Netherlands
The Catholic Battle in the British Isles
Ireland - Scotland - England
30 Years War
Jansenism - Did he understand the harm he was doing?
Gallicanism - Attack on the Papacy or was it about power?

Read this book. Ask yourself
Whose responsibility is it to protect the innocent lambs of God?
Who will be accountable for every soul who could have been touched by word or deed?
When we stand before the throne of God, how will we respond when Jesus asks
"I chose you to be an instrument of hope
a bridge for the lost to cross over to the one true Church,
but you were too busy!"

This is our Church.  We belong to the family of God.
Every child is our child.  Each child of God lost to the Catholic Church puts another thorn on Jesus' Heart,
makes our Church the poorer, makes us weaker.
We believe the Lord is calling all His children
to come Home to the Roman Catholic Church,
ready to live for Her, prepared to die for Her.

Code BTRA       Paperback
ISBN 1-58002-006-2      $13.95

Cults - Battle of the Angels book


















Trilogy Book III 
Cults: Battle of the Angels


The world is spinning out of control!
There is a madness spreading throughout the world
with a well-planned, well-disguised design;
to snatch misguided Catholics and devour them!

The aim of the Cults is to foster hate and division, by attacking the Catholic Church and main-line Protestant religions.
Read what the Cults actually believe
Read why they have been so successful in leading so many sheep from their churches, Catholic and Protestant, into a void.

Bob and Penny unmask the "Great Deceit," illusion disguised as truth, as they uncover the Cults’ true goals of enslavement and world domination.
Battle of the Angels - There is a battle raging - the intended victims, dead, discarded carcasses left on the side of the road leading to Paradise, are you and me, our children and loved ones.
Know your Faith or lose it! - If we are to know and do battle with the enemy, we must know what we believe.  If we can't defend ourselves and our loved ones from the attack of the enemy, we will lose them.
Christ or crisis on campus - One of the most dangerous places for our young people, leaving home and going off to college, is the college campus.  There are cults, pretending to be Christian, just waiting to lure them in, especially if they are not strong in their faith, and if they don't have many friends.  We must know who they are, what their agenda is, and how to do battle with them.
Anatomy of a Cult - What does a cult believe in;  Divinity of Christ - The Holy Trinity - Teachings of the Old Testament?
Mormons - Christianity or Cult?
Jehovah’s Witnesses - A Media Blitz for souls
Hindus - Divinity of Jesus - Trinity - Yoga - Transcendental Meditation - Hare Krishna
Anatomy of a Sect - Do they believe in The Eucharist - Mother Mary Confession - Purgatory - The Sacraments -
Seventh Day Adventists - Home-grown heretics
Christian Scientists

They're all out there, waiting for us, to take us in,
devour us and destroy us and all we hold dear. 
Read about this ongoing attack against our Faith and our Church

Code BCUL      Paperback
ISBN 1-58002-007-0   $13.95


Introductory Offer
Purchase all Three Trilogy books -
ISBN 1-58002-008-9  Special Price $30.00 
Freight will be $5.00 instead of $7.00 - Save $8.00 or 22%

Readers comments:

Dear Bob and Penny:

I said that I was going to write you a letter when I got into the middle of your Church Trilogy, Treasures of the Church, Tragedy of the Reformation and Cults, Battle of the Angels.

I knew that I was reading something STRONG, FORTIFIED AND ARMORED. I remember feeling this way when I was 13 years old and being confirmed by Bishop Thomas J. Toolen. I feel like I am wearing new armor, just like I did that night of the Confirmation ceremony.  My husband and I met you not too long ago in Folsom, Louisiana at the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church. It was great seeing you two in person. You are just like I thought you were.

We were baptized Roman Catholics as children and have been Catholics all our lives, except some years we were away also. But now we are back and have had our marriage blessed in the Church and are stronger than ever. My husband was born in a small town in Texas. The Bishop of that diocese came to Confirm all the children no matter what age. At that time my husband was only 1 year old, so he did not go through the reading and studying and testing for two weeks before Confirmation like the rest of us did. So now every chance I get, I read to him about his Faith. Right now those three books are like a big steak and potatoes for him.

He wants to know everything about the Faith. The first book, Treasures of the Church was great. It really told of the Love of God and how much He has given us. And we have so much to Thank Him for. We can take the Lord into our hearts and souls everyday, through the Holy Eucharist (if we weren't so lazy) and let Him lead us, feed us and give us great graces. Just think, Our Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts and souls everyday.

Then the second book, Tragedy of the Reformation, I guess I didn't pay much attention, when I was going to Parochial School. When I graduated grammar school and went into public high school, I needed to have all these tools to warn me about walking in dangerous territory. Going to Mass only on Sunday with family, instead of two, three or more times during the week, and learning to sings hymns in Latin. That's what I remember of my youth and reading your books brought it all back.

The second and third books, Tragedy of the Reformation and Cults, Battle of the Angels, turned my straight hair curly.  We found out that "religions" that were not Roman Catholic were not necessarily Religion. We found out about Cults and Sects. We really were amazed and became instructed. If they only knew the Blessed Trinity as we do.

We want to thank you, Bob and Penny for all the work that you do. And all the trials and tribulations that you go through for all of us. The demons can't stand for us to read the books also, but it was worth reading these beautiful books. All we can say is KEEP UP THE GOOD AND HOLY WORK. God Bless you two again for all that you do for us wayward lambs.

Love in Christ,

E. A. L. Ponchatoula, LA

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