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July 2010  Online Issue #5

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July 2010

"May God Bless America"


This Issue - July's Saints:

Blessed Junipero Serra


Saint Maria Goretti


Saint Benedict


Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha


Saint Veronica Giuliani


Saint Leopold Mandic


Saint Ignatius of Loyola


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Blessed Junipero Serra - The long dusty, desolate road to  California!Santa Barbara Mission founded by Blessed Junipero Serra

         When Serra arrived at his new post, the 40,000 Indians reported by the Jesuits were now a mere 8,000.  Serra, who loved the Indians dearly, described them as a handsome people.  But sadly, the huts were so poor and conditions so deplorable, 1000 Indians were dying each year, and the death rate of infants 100%.  It is believed that Indian women were purposely aborting their babies rather than have them starve to death.  Disease finished off those Indians who did not die of starvation.  Father Palóu prophesied, if conditions remained as they were, Baja would be left without a single soul.  Father Serra's year here, which had begun with so much enthusiasm, ended with disappointment.  At first, not in keeping with the other missions in Mexico, the missionaries were to have a say in only the spiritual aspects of the missions.  When the newly appointed inspector general saw the impossible conditions, he most willingly handed over all the responsibility to Father Serra and the missionaries.  No sooner did Serra begin to work on change, than he was summoned to engage in the evangelization of what was called then Alta California (or California).

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Saint Maria Goretti

The little White and Crimson Rose of Jesus

The name of Saint Maria Goretti has a special place for me. I would judge that most everyone in my generation has grown up having heard the story of the little crimson and white Rose of Jesus, Saint Maria Goretti. Her story inspires such emotions in us, such a desire to bring ourselves to Jesus and His Mother Mary as pure buds, ready to flower into whatever vocation They desire for us, whether it be religious, lay people or as in the case of little Maria, Saints who gave their lives as martyrs rather than stain their immortal souls by committing a sin. And in that way, Saints like Maria Goretti become role models for young people in these modern times.

We know the story of Saint Maria Goretti with surface knowledge. She is famous for what she obviously did, die rather than allow her relationship with Jesus to be compromised by giving into a sexual temptation. This is the obvious cause for her Sainthood, much as Saint Maxmilian Kolbe’s obvious reasoning for Sainthood was taking the place of a fellow prisoner in the death cells of Auschwitz during the Second World War. But these are only the apparent. There is so much more to each life which calls for us to venerate them as special servants of God, true role models. We have written about Saint Maxmilian Kolbe in two different books, trying to tell the story of this powerful man in the Church.  Continued click here

We have now edited many of the lives of the Saints and Marian Apparitions available as minibooks. Now known as Penny's little treasures.



Early life of Saint Benedict

The Fifth Century brings us not one but two future Saints.  It is 480 A.D. and a little voice cries out, Here I am world! But no sooner heard, than another tiny cry fills the air.  Not one, but two babies will be born to the parents of the future Saint Benedict and his twin sister Saint Scholastica.

Now, Norcia is not easy to get to, as we well know. We often wonder why God chooses the most remote places in the world for apparitions by Mother Mary, by the Archangel Michael, for Miracles of the Eucharist and the birth of great Saints. Could it be, because we are too busy to hear or see God working in our midst? I don't know.

What do you think?

Born of the nobility, Saint Benedict would have every advantage enabling him to receive the best education and preparation for life.  It is believed that when he was no more than in his teens, his parents sent Saint Benedict and his nurse to Rome, to pursue a higher education, more than likely majoring in law.  As they had been blessed to be born of the nobility, it was the custom of people of their station to send their sons to acquire an education preparing them for a career as public magistrates or judges, in this way fulfilling their God-given obligations to serve. Continued click here



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Kateri Tekakwitha is born - the Seed Bears Fruit

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha minibook

The Lord moves in great sweeping motions when He wants to accomplish something. The fruit of the Martyrs had to be a strong focus of the Lord from before the death of the Martyrs.

In Trois-Rivieres, today a part of French Canada, in the province of Quebec, a young Indian Maiden of the Algonquin tribe was raised under the mantle of the French Jesuits.

She was baptized in Trois-Rivieres and lived with French settlers for a time.

When the Jesuits pulled their missions back to Quebec in 1649, as a result of violent raids by the Iroquois and the outrageous executions of the Blackrobe missionaries, the Algonquins were left on their own and came under the domination of the Iroquois.

Kateri’s mother was taken prisoner and brought down the Mohawk river with the rest of the Indian captives.

She landed in Ossernenon, a beautiful Mohawk village in what is today, Auriesville, in upstate New York. Continued click here



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Veronica Giuliani receives the Stigmata

Saint Veronica Giuliani minibook

One day, while praying in her cell, Sister Veronica had a vision of Jesus.

He was carrying His Cross on His Shoulder. He asked her, “What do you wish?” She replied, “That Cross and I wish it for You, for Your Love.”

He took the Cross from His Shoulder and placed it on her shoulder. It was too heavy! She fell under the weight of it, and her Lord lifted her.

Still another time, Our Lord appeared to Saint Veronica Giuliani, covered with open sores, a Crown of Thorns on His Head.

Blood spilled from His precious Body, as He said, “See what sinners have done to Me.” Veronica wrote in her Diary:
“Seeing the great agony that my Lord was in, I begged Him to give Me His Crown. He placed it on my head; I suffered so much, I thought I was dying.”

Another time, Jesus came and showed Saint Veronica Giuliani a Chalice full of liquid.

She wrote that it seemed as if the liquid was on fire. The Lord told her, “If you want to be Mine, you must taste this liquid for My Love.”

She later wrote that when He placed just a few drops of the liquid on her tongue, she was filled with such indescribable bitterness and sadness, she thought she would die. Her tongue became dry and from that day on, she could not taste anything.

On Christmas Day, the Infant Jesus appeared to Saint Veronica Giuliani.

He sent an arrow deep into her heart. When she awakened, she found her heart bleeding.

The burning flame roaring inside her heart was so painful, she could not rest day or night.

He told Saint Veronica Giuliani He wanted her heart to bear the marks of His Wound; He said, her heart had to feel the lance and her feet and hands, the nails He felt on the Cross. Continued click here



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Saint Leopold Mandic,
Apostle of the Confessional

Saint Leopold Mandic Minibook

When Saint Leopold Mandic had dreamed of the priesthood, his eyes traveled over the Adriatic Sea to far-off lands to bring the Gospel of Hope to brothers and sisters starving and thirsting for this Lord Who died for them.

He was not to even travel from village to village, like Father Francis and Saint Anthony (Saint of Padua), proclaiming the Good News.

Saint Leopold Mandic was not even called to prepare others for this mission, by founding institutions or teaching in seminaries. Instead the Lord placed him in a tiny pulpit, a tiny room with no window to the outside world, with no air or light, freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.

Unlike the thrones of kings, this future Saint sat hours upon hours ministering to God's subjects in an old broken down chair that was as feeble as the body it held on its lap. A simple kneeler is still beside the rickety armchair, awaiting the contrite. Our Lord Crucified hanging on a wooden cross is above the prie-dieu,[1] a reminder of that God Who loved us so, He asked His Father, with His last words, to forgive us our sins. And then in this small cell looking down lovingly, on priest and penitent, there is a picture of Our Lady, the Mother of God who interceded at Cana and continues to intercede for Her children on earth with Her Beloved Son Jesus. As our Mother we can still see Her there, ready to help all seeking forgiveness, to reconcile with God the Father and Jesus Her Son.

In this tiny cell, for most of forty years, spending more than twelve hours of love per day, he waited and received thousands of penitents, streaming in without interruption, one after another to receive the Sacrament of Penance. Here there was no class distinction; the poor asked for forgiveness kneeling on the same prie-dieu as the rich; the famous turned to God for His Salvific Mercy, alongside the infamous; priests, bishops and religious confessed to Father Leopold (fifty priests the day before he died); professors lined up beside their students - all children of God seeking forgiveness. Continued click here




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Saint Ignatius of Loyola
taken from "Defenders of the Faith."

Saint Ignatius of Loyola minibook
Ignatius discovers God in a cave

Ignatius discovered a dark cave, virtually unknown because it was so overgrown with brush. There, he would spend hours, sometimes all through the night, praying without interruption, except for the occasional sounds of God's four-legged and winged creatures calling out to one another.

The cave at Manresa was a battlefield, a lonely battlefield, with Ignatius battling one temptation, winning that battle only to be put to the test with another temptation and another battle. Among other struggles, he imagined himself guilty of all types of sins, mistaking venial sin for mortal sin, battling alleged scruples and scrupulosity to the point of near desperation. He did not know where to turn; it seemed to him that God had deserted him. Then, he remembered hearing that God would come to his aid, if he fasted until his petition was granted. He fasted from Sunday to the following Sunday. Continued click here


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