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Free Stuff - use it - give to others

The internet was set up as an information highway. It has changed since the first day. Now it is fast becoming the vehicle where an individual can do things globally and compete with large companies.  We are entering the day of individual actions impacting all of us globally.

I am going to give you the Secret of the Internet.

The Secret of the Internet is to get paid for giving free stuff away. Will you get paid a lot?  That depends on you. Remember that Google makes billions collecting nickels and dimes.

We are about evangelization and not money.

We will now use the enemie's tools to defeat him.  The Internet was allowed by God to be created to evangelize and so was radio and television and every thing else.

Evil sometimes takes over good things, so now we must overcome evil with good, as the late martyr Father Jerzy was quoted.

We must make the Internet a great evangelization tool worldwide.

How to use the free stuff to evangelize

and you might even earn a few dollars. We all have to pay our bills.

We want to teach you to evangelize with all the free stuff below and more will be coming each week.

Each category will tell you how to get the free item and how to use it to evangelize and direct you to a way to earn money if you desire.

Free Stuff List

  MSI Network

1. Free Website post to free unlimited blogs

2. free viral video application


3. PayDotCom free payment gateway - and much more

4. InstantAffiliateWebsite Free Affiliate website already set up

5. Affiliate Marketing 101 Free Affiliate reviews and tools most everything on this site is free


6. Free toolbars

To download click here:

toolbar powered by Conduit

You have never seen a toolbar like this. It is customizable and has dozens of applications and add-ons. Very easy to install and modify. It even has radio and internet tv. Click here to view the toolbar.

7. Free Games for children

Nothing to download click this link: 

Affiliate Marketing free video

You may want to check out this video: about affiliate marketing.
It may answer a lot of questions and furthermore you may be astounded about what is happening on the Internet.

Remember we want to use this free stuff to evangelize. Example: We created this website in two hours. of course it is rough but you can begin to see how free stuff will evangelize and earn a few dollars.


10. Twitter tweets if you have a Twitter account tweet the next line - copy and paste into the tweet window.

Check out this free stuff

If you do not have one sign up for one and use your account to evangelize it is free. Click on the little bird to sign up.

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Do the same for the other social accounts like Facebook Digg etc Remember use them to evangelize.


11.  Our Free Blog We encourage to read Bob and Penny Lord's blog free

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12. Free Newsletter Subscribe to our free e-Good Newsletter

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We publish it quarterly, and it is packed with information about our Catholic Faith.  We have articles about the Saints, Mother Mary and Miracles.


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There is no cost to opt in and you can stop it at any time, if you are not completely happy with the information.


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13. Free Articles Bob and Penny Lord have been placing articles about the Super Saints,  Mother Mary, Miracles of the Eucharist, and more.

These articles are distributed free to many of the article submission sites on the internet.

You can access many of these at this link Catholic Saints Short Stories.

Or better syndicate these stories: Get them delivered to you direct by clicking this link. This is free stuff to evangelize.   Click here to get our articles directly.

The link will tell you how to get it done. 

 Syndicate Bob and Penny's articles on your site! Fast, Easy & Free! at Idea Marketeers.

If you have a website that offers items for sell click here for information about affiliates.

All the stuff on  is free for the taking.

14. Free Download
Download our free catalog
. You say wait a minute this is commercial! We say yes we have to pay our bills also.
 Free - Click here

15. Free coupons We have several coupons that you can use when you order.

Another site we recommend, is This site is dedicated to providing tools for marketing success. Lots of information, take your time.

16. Check out Brother Joseph's Affiliate Marketing Reviews Site
All proceeds go to Journeys of Faith®

17. Tell a Friend and get a free ebook and newsletter today

Tell your friends about our site

19. Brainstorming tool best niche and keyword selection


21. InstantAffiliateWebsite Free Affiliate website already set up

22. Free computer* - *requirements


Finally please email us if any of the above does not work or has a problem

Let us know if we can help in anyway.

"Use the Internet to evangelize, evangelize, evangelize!"
"Make the internet an evangelization center."

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 We are including on this page some Catholic websites of particular interest.

We have listed the individual sites that make up Bob and Penny Lord Ministries.

These five sites are interlinked for a richer browsing experience.

You may have already noticed this.

Also in our list of Catholic websites is of course EWTN.  If you have not visited EWTN's site then browse it.  The document libraries are fantastic.

Further we have listed Ignatius Press known as the Pope's Publisher and also great source for those Catholic movies like "Therese and the 13th day."

And we have also listed a great site for Catholic gifts.

Catholic Websites of Interest:

Bob and Penny Lord Ministries consists of:

Catholic Virtual Mall an online  shopping center consisting of over 40 Traditional Catholic shops and bookstores

Our site for all of our materials

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Catholic information sources

Resource for Catholic books and movies


Resource for Catholic books and gifts

 Catholic Gifts at The Catholic Company