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Hill of Crosses
Origin of the True Cross
Miracles of the Split Mountains
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Cross in the Lives of the Saints
Guadalupe Poisoned Crucifix
Living Cross of Limpias
Cross of Chimayo
Miracles of the Cross of Italy
Miracles of the Cross of Lucca

Miracles of the Cross Book

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 Miracle of the Hill of Crosses

Come to Lithuania, to a hill where Crosses have miraculously appeared over a period of centuries of enslavement and harsh treatment at the hands of foreign dictators.

Witness the apparition of Our Lady at the hill. This is a tribute as well, to a brave people who were undaunted in the face of the enemy.  

Learn of the Miracle of the Cross on a hill high above the capital city of Vilnius, which would not go away.

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ISBN 1-58002-142-5    $19.95

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Miracles of the Cross Book
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 Origin of the True Cross

Come to Italy, to the Church of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem in Rome, and the Santa Croce in Florence, where we track the Tradition surrounding the origin of the Cross, going back to Adam and the Garden of Eden.

Follow St. Helena in her quest to find the True Cross and bring It back to Rome. Learn about the Miracle of the Cross which brought about the conversion of Constantine and the release of the Church from slavery.

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ISBN 1-58002-143-3  $19.95

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 Miracles of the Split Mountains

When Jesus died, the earth quaked, and which split, and the tradition of Miracles surrounding them.

The first is the Split Mountain in Gaeta, Italy, which was instrumental in the vocation of St. Philip Neri.

Come to La Verna, way on top of the mountain where St. Francis of Assisi received the Stigmata.

ISBN 1-58002-144-1  $19.95

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Miracle of the Cross and 
Our Lady of Good Counsel

Join us as we bring you to Genazzano, a small town just outside Rome where a voyage of a fresco of Our Lady of Good Counsel traveled from Albania across the Adriatic Sea to this little hamlet, and rested in a broken-down church, which has since become a major shrine.

See the Miraculous fresco of Our Lord Jesus which bled when attacked by a sword; see the sword, which bent Miraculously and has remained that way to this day.

ISBN 1-58002-145-X  $19.95

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Miracles of the Cross
 in the Lives of the Saints

Come to the Shrines of Saints who have had Miraculous experiences with Our Lord Jesus on the Cross.
St. Paul of the Cross
St. Camillus de Lellis
St. Agnes of Montepulciano
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Catherine of Siena
..and more!

ISBN 1-58002-146-8  $19.95

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Miracles of the Cross of Our Lady of Guadalupe & the Poisoned Crucifix

Come with us to Mexico City to view two special Miracles of the Cross.

The first takes place at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. See the Miraculous Crucifix which saved Our Lady.

The second Miracle takes place in the Cathedral, where Our Lord Jesus on the Cross absorbed the poison meant for a bishop, saving his life. 

See how the Crucifix turned from white marble to black.

ISBN 1-58002-147-6  $19.95

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 Miracles of the Cross of
Lucca, Ital

The Miraculous Volto Santo of Lucca - The voyage of the Volto Santo, which was carved by Nicodemus, was very similar to the voyage of the Holy House of Nazareth.

The Bishop of Lucca had the Cross placed on a cart and driven by untamed oxen. They brought it to Lucca. Many

Miracles have been attributed to this Miraculous Cross lcated in the Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca.

ISBN 1-58002-148-4  $19.95

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 Miracles of the Cross of Italy

Come to the various Miracles of the Cross in Italy: 
San Marcello in Corso
 Miraculous Crucifix which saved Rome from the Plague 
Beirut Crucifixin the Church of St.Peter in Chains 
First wooden
Image of the Crucifixion in Santa Sabina Church in Rome 
Miraculous Cross in San
Miniato al Monte and Santa Trinita in Florence 
comes off the Cross and speaks to St. Catherine dei Ricci in Prato.

ISBN 1-58002-149-2  $19.95

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Miracle of the Cross of
Chimayo, New Mexico

Come to New Mexico, where pilgrims walk 27 miles from
Santa Fe to the Miraculous Shrine of the Cross of Chimayo.
See the Crucifix, found in the dirt, and the Holy Dirt, which
is used by pilgrims in petition for healings.
Listen to a testimony of a healing from the dirt of Chimayo.
See the dirt, see the Cross, and the Chapel, which was built
by Faith alone.
It is a marvelous experience.

ISBN 1-58002-425-4  $19.95

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 Miracle of the Living Cross of Limpias, Spain

Come to Spain, to the Church of the Living Cross, which came
to life during a Lenten Mission in 1919, and appeared in
different forms to different people in the Church.
See the agonizing suffering endured by Our Lord Jesus during
the Passion.
Listen to the priest as he explains what happened, and how
devotion has grown here.
Hear about ongoing Miracles attributed to the Living Cross of
Limpias, and the pilgrims who keep coming back.

ISBN 1-58002-427-0  $19.95

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Miracles of the Cross
Foreword by Mother Angelica

Highlights from this Book:

Origin of the True Cross
- from the Garden of Eden
Moses and the Bronze Serpent
- History of the Cross
The Cross, Past and Present, a Sign of Controversy

No Cross! No Pain! No Sacrifice!

Christ on the Cross absorbs the poison meant for a Bishop

The Living Cross of Limpias

The Miracle of the Cross at Guadalupe

Miracle of the Cross of St. Brigid
- Battle of Lepanto
Constantine and his conversion through the Cross

Jesus gives St. Teresa of Avila a Miraculous Crucifix

The Living Miracle of the Hill of Crosses
- Lithuania
Saint Peregrine
- healed by the Crucifix

The Cross through the eyes of St. Anthony of Padua

St. Clare of Montefalco and the Crucified Lord

St. Catherine of Siena
- fortified by the Cross
St. Gemma Galgani
- Jesus on the Cross lifts Gemma

St. Veronica Giuliani
- literally hung on the Cross

St. Joseph of Cupertino
- levitated to the Cross

St. Louis Marie de Montfort and the Bloodstained Cross

St. Rita of Cascia
- pierced by a thorn from the Crucified Lord
St. Francis of Assisi
- his Miracle of the Cross

The Miraculous
Volto Santo of Lucca, Italy
The Miracles of the Cross of Saint Padre Pio

Jesus speaks to St. Thomas Aquinas from the Cross

Miracle of the Cross of the split mountain

and so much more - 38 chapters in all

Code BMC ISBN 1-58002-140-9 320 pages Many photos

Paperback $17.95

      Roman Catholic Saints

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