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Please Note: We are changing the printed version of the Good Newsletter this issue. 
We will be taking out most of the ad pages and reducing the number of pages that we print.
This is due to higher and higher printing costs.
We suggest you opt in to receive the Good e-Newsletter which is the on line version.
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Our Good Newsletter contains articles about the books we have written and  other information about our Apostolate of Evangelization
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We are all called to Evangelize.
Over the years that Holy Family Mission has grown, it has been through your generosity and love.
For the last 22 years, our television programs have been broadcast
and continue to reach our brothers and sisters on the four corners of the world, as are our radio programs.

In the past year we have been hit hard financially like everyone else.
One of our greatest means of Evangelization is our television outreach. 
As you know, we travel overseas to Europe to videotape the lives of the Saints,
and then bring them back to the Holy Family Mission to edit them for EWTN,
which are donated to Mother Angelica's Network

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