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Reader Comments:Hi, Good afternoon,  Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Penny Lord.  This is Rachel. I just received the book that I ordered from you, Miracles of the Child Jesus.  I’m from the Philippines, from Cebu, and I really think that the article that you made about the Santo Nino of Cebu was truly heart warming and without a doubt, the little Child Jesus really inspired you to make this book.
I just wanted you to know that you did a wonderful job and I am sure the little Child Jesus will be most pleased with your work.  Thank you very much.
You are right, the little Child Jesus is indeed our life here in the United States, now that we have moved here.  Well, anyway I hope that you will continue doing what you do so best, writing and doing your series on EWTN.  God bless you and I hope that the Santo Niño will fill your homes always. 
Thank you for the wonderful book.               Voice mail

Miracles of the Child Jesus
 Great book

Bob and Penny Lord have researched instances in the history of our Church when desperate brothers and sisters have sought out the Child Jesus for help, and He came to them. In addition, they bring you times when hopeless people, without asking, found the Child Jesus at their side with miracles

Join us as we share with you Miracles of the Child Jesus:

The Child Jesus in the Holy Land
Infant Jesus brings presents at Christmas

Santo Niño de Atocha

Divino Niño de Bogota

Infant of Prague

Santo Bambino Gesu di Aracoeli

Santo Niño de Cebu

Santo Niño de Salud

Santo Bambino di Lama dei Peligni

Baby Gesu - Old World traditions of the Child Jesus

Devotion to the Child Jesus in Scripture

The Child Jesus in the Lives of the Saints
St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (Lisieux)

St. Agnes of Montepulciano

St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila)

St. Padre Pio

Code BCJ ISBN 1-58002-141-7  - 320 pages - Many Photos
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Miracles of the Child Jesus
Infant of Prague
Infant of Arenzano
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Santo Bambino Aracoeli
Divino Nino of Bogota
that spoke to Mother Angelica
Santo Nino de Atocha
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In an effort to bring hope to the Catholic world, Bob and Penny Lord have researched instances in the history of our Church
when desperate brothers and sisters have sought out the Child Jesus for help, and He came to them. 
In addition, they bring you times when hopeless people, without asking,
found the Child Jesus at their side, assisting them, with food, with physical aid and with Miracles.


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D220 The Infant of Prague

The Child Jesus has made a promise,
"The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you."

Come with Bob and Penny to the beautiful city of Prague
in the Czech Republic and the magnificent tribute to the
Child Jesus in the Carmelite Shrine
in the Church of St.
Mary the Victorious.
See the Infant Jesus, brought over from Spain to Prague.
Visit with Fr. Jerome Moras as he takes us on a tour of the
There are more than 70 beautiful dresses for the
Infant. We will show you some of them.
See the city of Prague in all its splendor.
Also scenes taken
in Arenzano Italy,
where there is a sister shrine to the Infant of Prague,
also under the custodianship of the Carmelite Order.

 DVD    $19.95


Viewer comments:

Dear Bob and Penny:
I just saw your video on the Infant of Prague.  It was beautifully done.  The Infant has been my “backbone” throughout my 61 years of the priesthood.
Msgr. R. S.








D221 The Infant of Prague of Arenzano

Come to the beautiful Shrine of the Infant of Prague in the
magnificent city of Arenzano,
on the shores of the Sea of Ligure, south of of Genoa, Italy.
When the Carmelites were expelled from Prague,
they went to this section of Italy, and were authorized to build
a small shrine under the approval of the Archbishop of
Milan. So many miracles happened that the shrine grew
and grew, until today, it is larger than the original shrine
of the Infant of Prague in Prague, Czech Republic.
See the beautiful statue of the Infant of Prague, venerated
in the magnificent Basilica of Arenzano, and the shrines
to the various Carmelite Saints, St. Teresa of Avila, St.
Therese of Lisieux, and St. John of the Cross. Most of all,
venerate the beautiful Infant of Prague of Arenzano

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D222 Santo Bambino
Lama dei Peligni

Come with us to the little town of Lama dei Peligni, in
the Abruzzi area of Italy, not far from Lanciano.
See a little image of the Baby Jesus, called the Santo
Bambino, which has been responsible for many
miracles in the Abruzzi area, including being spared
from a plague which attacked many areas of Italy.
See the altar dedicated to the Santo Bambino, the
tribute paid to Italian immigrants to the United States
who paid for the shrine to be built, and one of the most
unusual ex-votos, thanksgivings for miracles and
healings, in the form of gold, fine jewels and diamonds
given to the Santo Bambino.  Special interview with
fr. Gianfranco, custodian of the shrine, who shares
many insights about the Santo Bambino

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D223 Santo Bambino Aracoeli

High on one of the hills in Rome, right near the Piazza
Venezia and City Hall, is one of the oldest and unusual
churches in Rome, Santa Maria in Aracoeli, built as the
result of an apparition of Mother Mary to Emperor Caesar
Augustus before Jesus or Mary were born.
The church itself has a great tradition, as the image of the
Madonna of Aracoeli has given the people of Rome many
miracles, but we want to focus on the little Santo Bambino,
miraculously brought from the Holy Land to Rome in the
15th Century and placed by the Franciscans in a special
Shrine at the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. See the
image; experience the tribute paid to the Child Jesus,
especially at Christmas time.  Walk the 124 steps with Bob
and Penny as they climb to the great Church.

DVD   $19.95









D224 Santo Niño de Atocha

Come with Bob and Penny to Spain, Fresnillo, Mexico and Chimayo, New Mexico as they track the history of the devotion to Santo Niño de Atocha.

Witness the many miracles attributed to the Child Jesus under this title.
He has been the salvation of His people in all ages and
locations. In Spain, he fed the prisoners of the Moors
and saved them from starvation.

He kept them out of harm's way as they traveled the dangerous roads.
He saved them from snake bites, dehydration, starvation,
and always brought them back to Mother Church. There is a tremendous devotion to the Santo Niño de Atocha to this day in many Hispanic countries.

DVD   $19.95


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D225 Divino Nino of Bogota

The Divino Nino of Bogota has a fascinating history, which touches us to this day.

Join us as we share the story of this exalted Child Jesus as He came to the aid of the poor and sick in Bogota, Colombia, through the work of a Salesian priest, Fr. John Rizzo. He fed the poor, clothed the naked and gave medicine to the sick.

This same Divino Niño spoke to Mother Angelica and told her to build a temple, which today is the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama.

Come with us as we follow the history
of the Divino Niño in Bogota, and then to the United States through the Yes of Mother Angelica. A powerful story.

 DVD   $19.95


Viewer Comments:
Dear Bob and Penny:
First of all, we owe so many words of thanks to you for all that you do to promote our wonderful Catholic Faith.  So many people have had their lives and their very faith enriched through your wonderful apostolate, which is done to the honor and glory of God.
I particularly want to thank you for the wonderful video that you produced on the history of the devotion to the Divino Nino Jesus of  Bogota, Columbia.  Whenever I am troubled about something or feel anxious and need to relax, I watch that video.  The devotion to the Divino Nino is very important in our Catholic life and in my personal life.
I was able to order a nice statue of the Divino Nino from your catalog, and I am very pleased with it.  I look at the Divino Nino and ask him to help me to help others.  I place the names of people in need of prayers under the statue and they seem to be helped.  I am even going to place your names under it because I know like the rest of us, you need prayers both for your work and for your personal lives which you have devoted so lovingly to the Lord.
Your wonderful Good Newsletter is also very good!  We need sound orthodox Catholic reading such as you so lovingly promote!  When I am done with your paper, I leave a copy in Church so that others can benefit from it.
May the Divino Nino Jesus Bless you and your works.  I even have your book, "This Is My Body, This Is My Blood; Miracles of the Eucharist."
Praised forever be Jesus and Mary.  God Bless you Bob and Penny.
J. D.                                                                 Billerica, MA






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