North American Martyrs


North American Martyrs

Auriesville Martyrs

Isaac Jogues

Rene Goupil

John Lalande

Canadian Martyrs

John de Brebuf

Gabriel Lalemant

Pope's Tribute to Martyrs

What is a Martyr

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Martyrs, They Died for Christ


V69 - North American Martyrs

There was so much blood shed to evangelize this continent, the rivers and streams ran red with the blood of the Martyrs who died that we might this day have the Faith.

Come to Midland, Ontario, Canada, and the Shrine of the North American Martyrs, the Blackrobes, the Jesuit missionaries from France who came to evangelize, knowing they would never return to their families.

See the fort they built, where they worked, and where they died.

Because of their love and dedication to the Church and the Indians to whom they ministered they gave the last ounce of their blood.

ISBN 0-926143-53-0      $19.95

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In honor of their Feast Day -October 19

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V70 - North American Martyrs
Auriesville, NY

Come to the Shrine where the Martyrs worked in the wilds of Upper New York State, under the most inhumane conditions.

Stand where Rene Goupil was martyred for making the sign of the Cross on a child's forehead.

See where St. Isaac Jogues held up under the most horrendous torture and yet chose to return to the natives he loved.

To this day, he is considered Apostle of the Indians. See where another Martyr, St. John Lalande risked his life to go and evangelize to the natives, after he was told his only chance of survival was to stay inside his tent.

ISBN 0-926143-54-9     $19.95

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V72 - Tribute to the
North American Martyrs

Come to the Martyrs Shrine in Midland, Canada, and the Mission of Sainte Marie among the Hurons, where the five Canadian Martyrs, Saints John de Brébuf, Gabriel Lalemant, Antony Daniel, Charles Garnier and Noel Chabanel had their missions and not only brought the natives the Gospel, they taught them, speaking in their own language.

See special excerpts from the visit of Pope John Paul II. Walk along with his holiness and the natives as they show him their ancient longhouses and where they worked.

Pray with him before the Martyrs' graves.

ISBN 0-926143-56-5     $19.95

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V62 - What is a Martyr?

The Church has always been nourished by the blood of the Martyrs. His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Bishops and Cardinals from the countries of the Martyrs, reflect on the roles of the Martyrs.

Be present at the interview with the Primate of Poland, the Archbishop of Guadalajara and the promulgator for the cause of Beatification of the Mexican Martyrs.
A segment also pays tribute to the
Martyrs of Abortion. Bob and Penny visit a parish where there is a poignant cemetery commemorating the millions of unborn babies slaughtered.

ISBN 0-926143-46-8      $19.95

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