Why do we ask $19.95 for a 30 minute program?

For the last 22 years, these programs have been broadcast
and continue to reach our brothers and sisters on the four corners of the world, as do our radio programs.
We have been able through the Grace of God to reach millions of viewers through this media.
Our Ministry pays all the overhead involved in traveling overseas, the cameras and equipment for videotaping, and the editing costs back in the United States. 
We do have Production Angels, benefactors who help offset the tremendous costs of making the programs. 
Other than that, our only means of continuing the work, are the sales of our books and videos.
Note: We make these programs available to EWTN

Global Catholic Television Network, founded by Mother Angelica.
and other broadcasters worldwide at
no cost to them!

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Bob and Penny Lord with Mother Angelica of EWTN

To date we have produced and donated over 250 programs.

One of our greatest means of Evangelization is our television outreach. 
As you know, we travel overseas to Europe to videotape these programs
and then bring them back to the Holy Family Mission to edit them for EWTN,
which are then donated to Mother Angelica's Network. 
We produce a television ready program, with no further editing needed. 
We have invested many thousands of dollars in the equipment necessary to do this. 
And television equipment requires continuous upgrading and updating. (At times very costly.)

Our goal is to provide the Ministry with the funds to continue the work.  We call this our "Daily Bread". 
For these reasons we ask $19.95 for our programs.
Thank you for sharing in this evangelization effort.

Thank you.

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