Saint Rose of Lima - Saint Rose Isabelle

Patroness of the Americas
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Life of St Rose of Lima

Patroness of the Americas

Saint Rose of Lima ebook

This is a very difficult chapter, in that there is so much to tell you about this most powerful Saint, and this time in the history of the Church, and of the world, we don’t know where to start.

These Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists have such powerful teachings. We have tried to focus on the gifts the Saints had been given: their visions, their mystical experiences, and their sufferings. But what the Lord has to teach us through their lives is so broad, so all-encompassing, we can’t leave much of anything out. So bear with us.

We have so much to tell you. Rose of Lima is a very important Saint; you’ve got to know all there is to know about her. You will learn from her life, from her experiences, and from the gifts the Lord gave her.

Rose Flores, raised to the level of Sainthood, for all the world to know, and renamed for posterity, St. Rose of Lima, is the first canonized Saint in the Americas, thus her title, Patroness of the Americas.

She was born the product of two great cultures - the Spanish, who conquered and ruled the New World and the Inca Indians, a brilliant, comely race of people. Her great-grandmother was reported to have been of the Inca culture.

The Incas were not dark-skinned like the Aztec or the American Indian. They were white-skinned. The children born of Spanish and Inca unions were usually breathtakingly beautiful.

Rose was a stunning, very fair child with light brown hair. She was part of a trio of powerful men and women in the Church of the early days of Peru.

St. Martin de Porres, and St. Toribio de Mongrevo, Archbishop of Lima, were both from the same time period, and from the same city, Lima, Peru. Martin was a very close friend to Rose and Archbishop Toribio baptized and confirmed her.

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A Rose from Heaven
In the midst of so much political activity in Lima, little Rose was born on April 20, 1586 to Oliva and Gaspar Flores. From the very beginning of her life she exhibited a great deal of mysticism. She was the only child of Gaspar and Oliva’s eleven children who did not cause her mother any labor pains. All the children before, and those subsequent to Rose, caused her a great deal of pain in child-bearing. Rose, on the other hand, caused her mother a great deal of pain after she was born.
She was the recipient of God’s graces from an early age. Barely able to walk, she would be found lost in contemplation before the big crucifix in her mother’s room. At three years old, she endured surgery from an accident without crying at all. A heavy lid from a flour jar fell on her finger, causing a blood clot and great pain. The surgeon had to cut back her fingernail, and apply acid to the finger. All of this was done without anesthetic. The acid had to stay on the finger for several days. When she was complimented on her behavior, Rose commented on how much more Jesus had suffered.
Later, she was stricken with an excruciating earache. When asked if it hurt badly she stated, “Yes, but Our Lord’s Crown of Thorns must have hurt much more.


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