Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati - Man of the Beatitudes
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#D196 - Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati dvd

The Man of the Beatitudes

The Battle is on for souls! Families are waking up, taking notice of the world’s influences on their children’s lives and they are horrified! And rightly so! They’ve lost control. We get call after call commending us on our television programs on the Super Saints. And they are from Catholics and non-Catholics, lay people – like parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles; Religious, Nuns and Pastors – thanking us for bringing heroes their young people can use as role models. The cry is always the same! The false heroes they see on secular television are not the kind of people they want their young to emulate or grow up to become. And so, the Lord placed on our hearts – Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati!

Pier Giorgio’s work was not confined to mere political struggle and revolt. He was against violence, but was prepared to fight and die, if necessary, to defend Christ. He repeatedly wrote and advocated the following: "When all accept Christ’ voice and teaching, we will be able to say we are all equal, and every difference between human beings will be annulled.’

The Beatitudes have come alive.! 2000 years have passed since the Savior gave us this how-to-live in the world if we would grab onto the rope and scale the mountain of life to God’s goal for us – eternal life with Him in Heaven. His words, Verso l’alto, Upward!, ring forth over the continents and will live on touching all, helping all!

This story is ageless, and timeless, as those, Pier Giorgio, even now, is calling us to love - our neighbors, as Jesus loves them and us. Pier Giorgio will not be silenced. If you stop and listen, you can hear him even now.

Scenes from his home in Italy
the Shrines he visited
the place of his death
and from World Youth day.

Discover his beautiful quotes and writings.
 His motto - 
Verso l’alto "Always upward!"

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati is one of the most important Saints in our Church today, co-patron of the Italian Youth and a Role Model for our young people for today. 

Come with Bob and Penny as they travel to all the places in his life, his home in Turin, Italy, the house where he was born, the Church where he was baptized, received First Holy Communion, and from which he was buried. 

Come to Pollone, and visit the room where he died, transported to the family home from Turin.  Meet his niece, Wanda, who shares the life of Pier Giorgio. 

See the Shrine of Oropa, where Blessed Pier Giorgio's body was laid out after the World Youth Day in Sydney,  Australia.

Scenes from his Beatification in St. Peter's Square. 

Listen to Mark Forrest, Internationally renowned Irish Tenor, sing
"Wind Beneath My Wings" as background to the program

Note: The response to this program has been phenomenal.

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