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Mexican MartyrsAs far back as the 16th Century, the Mexican faithful have given the Church, Martyrs! 
When our Lady of Guadalupe came, She won the hearts of Spaniards and Indians, forming family.
Three young boys chose eternal life over the world, back in the 16th Century, and gave their lives for the Church.
This heritage has given the Mexican people the fire and passion to remain faithful to La Morenita and the Church.

In the 20th Century, our neighbors to the South risked Martyrdom rather than give into the demands of the Masonic government to become a State church. Priests were outlawed, and if found tortured and martyred; Bishops were exiled as non-persons because they refused to reject the Papacy and give allegiance to the State. Although these Priest-Martyrs knew to
remain in Mexico meant a sure Martyrdom, they chose death, so that while they were able they could bring the Sacraments to the faithful. These are true stories taken where the Catholic Martyrs lived and died for the Faith.

In many instances the Catholics of Mexico were known as the 
Cristeros, defenders of the Church

and many more than these 25 were martyred for the Faith.

25 Mexican Martyrs of the 20th Century

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Los Martires Mexicanos
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Mexican Martyrs dvds

Blessed Miguel Pro

St. Toribio Romo & St. David Galván

St. Cristóbal Magallanes & St. Agustin Caloca

St. Justino Orona & St. Atilano Cruz

St. Tranquilino Ubiarco & St. Sabás Reyes

Beatification of the Mexican Martyrs

Taped in Mexico City - Guadalajara
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The Mexican Martyrs ebook

I believe the best way to describe the Mexican Martyrs, the Martyrs of Poland and Ireland is with the spanish word for Martyr which is mártir. When you pronounce mártir in spanish you hear the word tear. The Catholic Church in Mexico has been bought with blood and tears. More


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The Martrydom of Blessed Miguel Pro

The cold, biting air of the November morning sent a chill across his face.

His hair blew in the wind. The sun was shining brightly. I

t was a glorious day. Miguel surveyed the situation in the courtyard.

 It was as he feared. Soldiers were lined up for a firing squad!

All the eyewitnesses, various generals and dignitaries, as well as members of the press, came to attention as they saw for the first time, the famous Jesuit, who had made such fools of President Calles and his entire police force for so long.

Cameras began clicking photos for posterity of this man, who looked more like a student than a conspirator. Miguel walked straight as a rod into the center of the courtyard.

t was as if he was running the show, as he had always done. He was asked his last request. He asked to pray. He went down on his knees, folded his arms, and closed his eyes.

What did Miguel say to the Lord on this, the most important moment of his life? Did he ask for strength and courage, to set an example not only for his brothers, but for all those who were yet to come?

Did he ask for help from his founder, the fearless Ignatius Loyola?

Did he speak to Mary? Did he ask her to help him now? He needed her so much. He wanted to do this right. He wanted to give glory to her Son, Jesus, and to her.

He wanted them to be proud of him. He wanted all the martyrs before him, to look on him with pride. He wanted, by his last simple act, to make the plight of his countrymen, worthwhile.

He stood up.

His communication with Jesus and his Heavenly Family gave Miguel the strength he needed.

Eyewitnesses report, his face was aglow, shining as if a reflection of the sun. He raised his arm to his executioners in the form of a blessing. He shouted in a loud, strong voice, "May God have mercy on you! May God bless you! Lord, Thou knowest that I am innocent! With all my heart I forgive my enemies!"

The command was given the soldiers. "Prepare!"

From his breast pocket, Miguel took out a brass crucifix that he was given on the day of his ordination. In his other hand, he held the rosary he had gotten in Lourdes.

He held both outstretched, at arms length, in the form of the Cross.

He said, in a voice which was not loud, but could be heard by everyone in the assembly, "Viva Cristo Rey."


The sound from the blast of the rifles, ricocheted against the walls of the courtyard, shattering the tense silence. Bullets ripped through Miguel’s chest, pushing him backward, but he remained standing.

Cameras went off like crazy, catching the image of the dead man, who wouldn’t go down. Finally, he slumped into a heap on the ground. The captain came over to him, and shot him in the head, to end his torture.

Blessed Miguel Pro was dead, but never forgotten.



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V40 - Blessed Miguel Pro

Martyr of the 20th Century Martyr of the 20th Century Fr. Pro was a Role Model for the Mexican Martyrs who followed him. Although he knew it meant sure Martyrdom, he obeyed his superiors and returned to minister to his flock in the huge Diocese of Mexico City. He played cat and mouse with the authorities, using elaborate disguises until he was caught.

He stood before the firing squad, and forgave those who were about to shoot him.

With a cross in one hand, a rosary in the other, he cried out "Viva Cristo Rey!" We go to the place of his execution, which sports a tiny sign about a great sacrifice.

ISBN 0-926143-65-4    $19.95

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Audio CD 40 - Just Released
Blessed Miguel Pro $4.95

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V73 - First Martyrs of the New World,
Tlaxcala, Mexico

Pope John Paul II called them "Heroic models of faith and Christian Courage." These young children challenge us, as they gave their lives trying to destroy the false idols of their day.

Come to Tlaxcala, Mexico, to where Christianity was first introduced to North America. See where these young boys received their catechetical training by the Franciscans and Dominicans.

Learn the story of the first three martyrs of Tlaxcala, and see their short lives and martyrdom come to life, as you view special scenes where they were baptized, where they lived and were martyred.

ISBN  0-926143-58-1     $19.95

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V74 - Mexican Martyrs
St. Cristóbal Magallanes & St. Agustin Caloca

Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1992. Come to Totatiche in the state of Jalisco, where St. Magallanes built a seminary.

Personal testimony from an eyewitness who was a friend of Fr. Magallanes and Fr. Caloca in the seminary at Totatiche.

See where they worked, teaching the people and carrying on their ministry of priests under constant threat of exposure and capture by the troops of Plutarco Calles, Mason and dictatorial president of Mexico.

Come with us to the place where they suffered martyrdom.

ISBN 0-926143-59-X     $19.95

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V75 - Mexican Martyrs
St. Justino Orona & St. Atilano Cruz

Go to Cuquio, Mexico, and to Oxnard, California for interviews with two eyewitnesses, brothers who were alive at the time, when the two Saints worked and were martyred in Cuquio.

Hear first hand from the two brothers, one who was married by one of the martyrs, and the other who was an altar boy at the time.

Hear about the raids on the Cristeros, defenders of the Church by the soldiers.
See the church in the town, and the bullet-riddled walls from the time of the persecution. Meet the Parish Priest in charge of the Shrine.

ISBN 0-926143-60-3     $19.95

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Shrine of St. Toribio Romo

V76 - Mexican Martyrs
St. Toribio Romo & St. David Galván

Go to Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, where Fr. Toribio Romo, a young 28 year old priest, clandestinely, celebrating Mass, and the other Sacraments.

Go deep into the jungle where the people still live the primitive life without electricity, running water and the like. See where Fr. Romo was martyred.

Track the life of Fr. Galván in Guadalajara, going first to the prison where he was held prisoner and ending at the hospital wall, where he was executed by a firing squad.

Learn about the courage of these two martyrs of the Twentieth Century, martyrs for the Faith.

ISBN 0-926143-61-1     $19.95

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V77- Mexican Martyrs
St.Tranquilino Ubiarco & St. Sabás Reyes

Go to Tepatitlán to the church where Father Ubiarco served, & was executed. Meet Senorita Mercedes, who worked with Fr. Ubiarco during his life, passing out propaganda material.

See where Fr. celebrated Mass in her home, and the tree upon which he was hung, which came to life on the day of his Beatification.

We go to the small town where 
Father Reyes had his ministry, was captured by the soldiers and tortured in front of the Church.

Read the inscription on his monument and visit his tomb.

ISBN 0-926143-62-X     $19.95

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V79 - Beatification of the
Mexican Martyrs

Bob and Penny interview Bishop Hurtado, Bishop of Guadalajara, as well as Fr. Oscar Sanchez, Promulgator for the Cause of Beatification of the Mexican Martyrs.

Share the Miracles attributed to these Martyrs; see the Beatification in Rome with Pope John Paul II; hear the testimony of the priests.

Come with us to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome where Pope John Paul II raised the 25 Martyrs of Mexico to the level of Blessed in 1992. See the special reliquary containing relics of all 25 martyrs.

Hear the homily of Cardinal Archbishop Posadas, himself a Martyr.

ISBN 0-926143-65-4     $19.95

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