Scandal of the Cross - Heresies Against the Catholic Church

Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph,
Heresies throughout the History of the Church

Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph Heresies

"This book must be in every Catholic home in America!"
 ...Mother Angelica of EWTN


Featuring chapters on:
Pelagianism -Man can be God -5th Century New Age
Iconoclasm - Graven Images
The Greek Schism
Berengarianism - Attack on the Holy Eucharist
Renaissance - New Birth or 14th Century New Age?
Modernism- A 20th Century Heresy
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Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph Heresies

Readers comments:

"This book must be in every Catholic home in America!"
 ...Mother Angelica of EWTN

"You must read this book to know what’s happening in our Church today."

"This is a
Handbook of Heresies, simple to understand."

St. Jerome said, "The whole world awoke and groaned in astonishment to find itself Arian."

Will we awake someday and discover to our sorrow,
we are no longer Catholic?

"This is the
only book that traces the Heresies from the beginning of the Church up to and including today."

"It is an important work because it reveals the Heresies of today in the light of the Heresies of yesterday."

"The Lords have taken a
difficult subject and put it into their simple and understandable style

"I bought this book to use as
against heresies that are going on right now in our Church."

Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph
Heresies throughout the History of the Church
In times of crisis, God sends us special graces
While Jesus Walked the Earth

Heresies of the 1st Century

Heresies and Predestination in the 2nd Century

Heresies Denying Trinity and Incarnation

3rd Century Heretics - Tertullian & Origen

Heresies attack Divinity of Christ

Arianism in 4th Century

Pelagianism - Man can be God -5th Century New Age

The Moslem Conspiracy

Iconoclasm - Graven Images & Waldensians

The Greek Schism

Berengarianism - Attack on the Holy Eucharist

Renaissance - New Birth or 14th Century New Age?

Modernism - A 20th Century Heresy

New Age - The Great Deceit /Through a Shattered Mirror

Code BSC     Paperback        Many Photographs 320 Pages
ISBN 0-926143-15-8       $16.95

Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph
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Heresies Throughout the History of the Church


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Full set of 17 DVDs

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V165 God sends us special grace
In times of Crisis, God sends us special grace.  This grace may come from Eucharistic Miracles, Apparitions by Our Lady, and Saints and other Powerful Men and Women in the Church.  It may come in the form of Angelic intercession.  It will come from anywhere the Lord deems necessary.  There is only one thing of which we can be assured; it will come.  He will use whatever or whoever it takes, whenever it is needed, to protect us from anything or anyone, who would bring us anywhere near the brink of hell.  Very often, even if it means protecting us from ourselves.
ISBN 1-58002-085-2   $19.95

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V166 While Jesus Walked the Earth
Right from the beginning, even before Christ died for us and rose from the dead, Jesus and His Church came under attack.  Jesus went about forgiving men's sins.  The Pharisees and the Saducees could not accept this.  How could He forgive sins; only God could forgive sins!  They could not allow this to continue.  When a man is free from sin and its cancer, then and then only can he be free from physical pain.  Jesus with His blinding Mirror of Love brought Light into the darkness of sin that was eating away at the society of His time, and Lucifer had to put out that Light.  Sin is always done in the dark. 

ISBN 1-58002-086-0   $19.95
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V167 Heresies of the First Century
Judaizers - Ebionites - Simonians - Cerinthians
No sooner had our Lord died for us, risen from the dead, and ascended into Heaven, than the fighting and infighting began.  The Lord gave us the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.  Satan countered with one of the first and most vicious groups of heretics in the history of the Church.  They attacked a very vulnerable sector of our Church, our Converts.  This group of heretics was called.....JUDAIZERS
ISBN 1-58002-087-9   $19.95
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V168 Gnostics of the 2nd Century
     Gnosticism is the common name used for a collection of very dubious, misleading philosophies claiming to be religions.  Although they were often structured differently, basically they all spouted much the same deadly heresies. 
All forms of this heresy had one central purpose: either to infiltrate the Faith to impose their own brand of religion in opposition to the teachings as passed down by Christ and His Apostles, or to destroy it by wiping it out through persecution, starvation, genocide and etc.

ISBN 1-58002-088-7   $19.95
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V169 Predestination in 2nd Century

It was a young Church; it was an infant Church.  We're sure the early Fathers, after having convened the First Ecumenical Council, thought they had put an end to any and all the problems the Church would ever have.  They were most likely sure that what they were handing down to the next generation, was a Church free of strife and in-fighting.  However, that's not what they got.  Whereas the Saints of the First Century had gone on to their reward with our Lord Jesus in Heaven, Satan was waiting in the wings, training a brand new group of heretics, to destroy the Church. The second century was to prove no better than the first with man insisting on being as smart as God, trying to outdo Him, and, as usual, falling flat on his human face.

ISBN 1-58002-089-5   $19.95
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V170 Heresies Denying/Incarnation
Marcion's false teachings include the heresy: the existence of two gods.  One good and the other evil.  According to Marcion, one god was creator of the material things of the world, and since he believed all matter created was evil, then this god was evil.  The other god was creator of the world of spirit, and since the spirit is  good, then that god is good.  Since God is good, he would not become man which is matter and evil.  So, it all adds up to the next heresy which is Jesus was not God become man.  He denied the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  The Old Testament foretells the coming of the Christ, the Messiah to be born of a virgin.  If he was to refute God becoming man, then it follows he would have to discredit the Old Testament. 

ISBN 1-58002-090-9   $19.95
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V171 Tertullian & Origen - 3rd Century

This sect began in Carthage, and continued to advance its errors for 200 years after the death of its founder, Tertullian.  They are definitely a shoot that sprouted up from that sick tree called Montanism.  Some writers claim that after Tertullian became a Montanist be was even more rigorous than the Montanists, and that's when he founded the Tertullianists.  Whereas others believe, his followers did not use the name Tertullianists until after his death. 
Tertullian was born in Carthage of pagan parents anywhere between the years 155-160.  He was highly esteemed as a lawyer.  When he converted to Christianity in 193 A.D., he used the talents and the knowledge he had acquired as an attorney, to defend Mother Church.  St. Jerome tells us Tertullian was later ordained to the Priesthood.  Although there are split opinions on this, either he was a priest or he had a veritable treasure house of information at his disposal that he used over the years to write his highly respected apologetics defending the Church.  With the sympathies he showed toward the laity on theological matters, there are those who have equally valid arguments that he probably was a layman.

ISBN 1-58002-091-7   $19.95
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V172 Heresies -Third Century II
The Manichaean heresy was named after Manes, a heretic born in Babylon around 216 A.D.  Manes (or Mani) was a Persian.  When he was 28 years old, he tried to teach religion to his fellow villagers of Mardinu!  They remembered when he had been born; they had watched him grow up.  And now, he was setting himself up as a teacher?  They did not accept him!  He wandered aimlessly for forty years, proclaiming, he was the "Messenger of the True God", and to Christians, the Paraclete, Jesus promised He would send.
ISBN 1-58002-092-5   $19.95
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V173 Arianism in Fourth Century
It is popularly believed Arius was born in Libya, in 270 A.D.  He is credited with having started one of the most deadly heretical sects to attack the Early Church that of Arianism.  It has continued assaulting the Church until today, under many titles. 
Our first encounter with Arius is somewhere between 300-311 A.D., when he joined up with a group of heretics called Meletians.  Evidently, he did not find what he was searching for; he left them. 
ISBN 1-58002-093-3   $19.95

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V174 Pelagianism - Man can be God
"It's still the same old story....."  Here we go again, back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The serpent says "You can be like God." (Gen 3:1-6).  As God raises a Saint to combat one heresy, the devil is busy unearthing one more founder to revive an old heresy with a new name.  In the Fifth Century, we find a new version of Pantheism, called Pelagianism.  Pelagius was the founder of this heresy.  Because of its deadliness, he would earn the title Archheretic.  It is believed, he was born around 345 A.D., in the British Isles, very possibly Ireland.  He came to Rome in 384 A.D.  He led the model life of a monk and recluse from that time until he was forced to leave Rome, to avoid persecution.  The Visigoths, a Teutonic people, had invaded the Roman Empire late in the 4th Century A.D. and torched their way into France and Spain, leaving smoking desolation everywhere they went.  Pelagius, with one of his pupils, Caelestius, fled just before the Visigoths captured and ravaged Rome. 
ISBN 1-58002-094-1   $19.95

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V175 The Moslem Conspiracy
ISBN 1-58002-095-X   $19.95

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V176 Iconoclasm & Waldensians
Iconoclasm: Craven Images
We're in the Eighth Century and the Church is under attack, again!  The Emperors and the State have always wanted control over the Church.  Think about  how easy it would be to control their subjects.  To disobey the Church would be tantamount to disobeying God!  The faithful believed, and rightly so, that the Church was bringing them the true Word of God.  They believed, as we do, that the Pope and his bishops, along with their priests, represented our Lord Jesus on earth.  Now, if the Emperors could discredit the Pope and become the rightful head of the Church, they could ask any sacrifice of the people and they would have to obey!  They would never question any action again. 
The Emperor at that time, Leo the Isaurian, aided and abetted a group called Iconoclasts, who held that the veneration of all types of sacred images, whether paintings or statues or etc., was idolatry.  He took this opportunity to wage war against the Catholic Church, using whatever false charges he could trump up.  He accused the Church of advocating the worshiping of images, in place of God. 
ISBN 1-58002-096-8   $19.95

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V177 The Greek Schism
We were once asked, if being in Ministry was all up hill.  We replied no, it was a roller coaster, taking us to the highest highs and the lowest lows.  A Priest standing by answered: "You're in ministry, all right."  Just as you hope you can take a breath, just as it looks as if there is going to be a respite from the pressure, all hell breaks loose, again. 

Welcome to the ninth century
 Now, we arrive at one of the worst attacks that the Church has had to face - the Scandal of the Cross, which had to make Jesus and His Mother Mary weep as they watched the Body of Christ break up, the beloved Church in the East leaving the Latin Church, better known as the Greek Schism.
ISBN 1-58002-097-6   $19.95

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V178 Berengarianism
Berengarianism was a highly destructive heresy against the Church.  It spread its poison throughout Europe for over three hundred years.  The founder of Berengarianism was a member of the Clergy named Berengarius (or Berengar).  He was born in Tours, France around 999 A.D.  As with so many gifted people who go off course, Berengarius had a great start in the Faith.  He studied in Chartres, under St. Fulbert.  Much was expected of him.  How did Berengarius succumb to heresy?  He didn't get it from his teacher.  St. Fulbert fought the very philosophy, that of naturalism, which Berengarius would use to deny the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. 
St. Fulbert thought so highly of Berengarius, before he fell into error, he appointed him Archdeacon and Treasurer of the Cathedral of Chartres.  He had seen Berengarius' great devotion to the Faith.  Berengarius had great ability.  He had a sound education in the Faith.  What made him veer off the path of the true teachings of the Church?  But wander off, he did; and sink into error, he did. 
ISBN 1-58002-098-4   $19.95

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V179 Renaissance - New Birth?

New Beginnings or New Age?
 Calamity struck Europe on a major scale in the middle of the Fourteenth Century, in the form of a violent epidemic, called The Black Death.  It was given this name because victims of this disease died within a few days of contracting it, and turned black.  It was later named the Bubonic Plague.  It was a malady caused by progress; it was transmitted by rats on ships, traveling all over the world, in pursuit of commerce.  Today, we have what we call man-made diseases, such as Cancer and Lukemia, another form of Cancer.  There is always a price to pay for progress, either physically or spiritually, or both.  In this instance, the price was devastation.
ISBN 1-58002-009-2   $19.95

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V180 Modernism- 20th Century
We have to believe that as long as we have hot and heavy attacks against our Church, we're doing the right thing, we're on the right path.  It's not bad enough that we have all the powers of hell coming at us from outside the Church, we have to have homegrown heretics, apostates, whatever you want to call them, attacking us from within.  A hot, burning flame rose from the pit of hell towards the end of the Nineteenth century.  It was given the name, Modernism, a black heresy of the Twentieth Century, and the first major attack against the Catholic Church by the New Age movement.  The flames were fanned by a group of priests, philosophers and critics of the New Testament, who came up with a new way to destroy the Church, from within its ranks.  The movement was spearheaded by a French Abb‚, Alfred Loisy, and an English Jesuit, George Tyrrell.
ISBN 1-58002-100-X   $19.95

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V181 New Age - The Great Deceit
New Age: Through a Shattered Mirror We are created in the Image and Likeness of God.  Before the fall, our world was meant to be a Garden of Eden.  After our redemption by Jesus, it was supposed to be a New Jerusalem.  However, Satan, the master of deceit and perversion, takes the beauty, the Lord visualized for us, the life and the world He would have for us, and  reworks it, but masks the change so that what we see is just the slightest, deformed resemblance of God's vision for His children.  We call that twisted image, New Age.

ISBN 1-58002-101-8   $19.95
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